Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Xbox 360 vs PS3 Comparison

A video comparison of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on both Xbox 360 and Ps3, Let's see which is better.

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TrevorPhillips3860d ago

they both look the same and the graphics look like rainbow six vegas just better lighting effect

HighDefinition3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

The PS3s atmosphere/colours look better.

The 360s shadows look better.

They both look like sh!t/generic.

Violater3860d ago

there are trade off's with both versions.
which pretty much make things even.

HowarthsNJ3860d ago

I did see a difference between the two with motion blur and flying glass particles. PS3 wins there.

360 wins with the shadows and street level shadow tones viewed from the aircraft.

Ps3 has bright colors with less AA making it sharper, 360 has too much AA maybe making it look muted and muddy.

sloth4urluv3860d ago

Both versions are pretty much the same, only place where I really noticed a big difference was in the helicopter. (1:12)
At first I thought the 360 version was having shadowing problems, then the camera moved over and looked outside and I saw that the PS3 version didnt have any shadows on the city, and the framerate was pretty skippy.

Besides that though id say both games are identical, and if you were shown footage from both (not side by side) you wouldnt be able to easily tell the two apart.

sonarus3860d ago

it is quite obvious the ps3 version was not a port and that is what is accounting for discrepancies. At the 36 second mark you can clearly see the 360 version has a blue fence while the ps3 version has a red fence.
360 version seems to have darker colors, ps3 version is much improved over the last version, 360 has better shadows, the shadows in rainbow 6 are quite terrible really.

sonarus3860d ago

@tweaker you are right however 360 fanboys feed off this. They got major kicks of seeing inferior ps3 versions of games. Unfortunate for them developers are catching up

jwatt3860d ago

These games are starting to look so much alike that only fanboys will care about thier differences. I'm a fanboy but even I know if a developer actually makes a game on the ps3 then there shouldn't be any issues. I think GTA is going to come out the same way.

Guwapo773859d ago

I wish your statement about developers catching up was true.

While I love the fact Ubisoft enhanced PS3 graphical display the totally F'ed up the online part.

So at this time it doesn't matter about side by side comparisons. I can't even enjoy the F'ing game.

*note Single player is cool but everyone knows RB6 is about online play. If you don't have online's f'in pointless.

Ubisoft you better not F us over this time and put out a patch for the PS3 version.

If you are a PS3 owner...hold off on this game until a patch is made. Trust me you'll be highly disappointed.

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LightningPS33860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

The days of developers making crap on PS3 are pretty much over. Infact now some of the games are starting to have better color on PS3 but slightly better frame rates on 360.

But the truth is, XBOX 360 has rumble, achievements, and XBOX live so XBOX 360 is godly and PS3 is not.

Or that's will they will always argue, so just about every multi game is better on XBOX 360.

And who's to say they are wrong?

doodle3860d ago

wow XBUTTTS owned

Even despite being a RUSHED PORT ps3 version looks wayyyyy better

x360 is CLEARLY WASHED out. almost having no colour in it

Fat Bastard3860d ago

You're a retarded noob cunt. Why do you bots still use rumble as a 360 advantage? I live in the U.S. and I have a dualshock 3, and it's great. I got it from a store that imports form Japan, but the rest of the world will have it next month, so rumble isn't a factor anymore artard. And why do you use Live? It isn't any better than PSN for online play, COD4s online was better on PS3 by the way. You do have achievements, whooptydoo. PS3 will have them in a few months.

lawman11083860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I have RSV2 and its fun but COD 4 is still THE game to beat. BTW the 2 games almost look the same. That is SAD for the PS3...where is this "power of the cell"? if this system is so much better then the 360 it should blow the 360 out of the water and it does not even come close to doing that. Doodle is a cunt

Snukadaman3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Now is this before or after this recent patch hairy pooter? because the cod4 version of the game on the xbox has been great before and after that patch....whats even sad is you cant play rock band and guitar hero 3 with the same guitar on the ps3 and you expect people too belive your horsesheit? about a headache.

"You do have achievements, whooptydoo. PS3 will have them in a few months".

Wait beyond droid.

Fat Bastard3859d ago

Oh, you mean the patch that was also released on the PS3? You dumb anus, what does the patch have to do with the online gameplay. I read an article from N4G about the difference in 4 multiplat games, Devil May Cry 4, Assassin's Creed, COD4, and Burnout. You remember that one, I'm sure, and it clearly stated how the PS3's online was better than the 360's. And about the guitar, which was random, can you use a hard drive from any company? No you can't artard, you have to buy your special $100 Microsoft hard drive cause your box is useless. And does Halo run at 720p? And who's getting Mass Effect and Dead Rising 2? And who has to PAY for a rechargable controller battery? And who's system dies after a few months? And who has to pay for online? That's what I thought

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TrevorPhillips3860d ago

yea true im a 360 fanboy but to be honest they both look the same

doodle3860d ago

dont post misleading crap

DONT SPIN the tale

Snukadaman3859d ago

Im waiting for someone to say it looks "cartoony" on the ps3 since it does have more color...just like they do when its reverse on the 360.

Rattles3860d ago

i wouldint say they look the same, they just look diffrent.

power of Green 3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

PS3 has that ugly warm look with unrealistic Oranges and browns you know the usual PS3 Dirty warm colored filter look. I'm glade the devs didn't use the PS3 video hardware standards of PS3 on the 360. Video is lower quality the 360 version has more detail when you use clear pics.

#1, The graphics are almost the same as the last one the devs basically brought PS3 up to the first one holding back what the 360 version could have been like with part 2.

I wonder why the PS3 has to use these limited color color palettes when devs make a game with realism?. You always get these very Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow tints like the games on PS3 can only use three shades of each color I mentioned or maybe a mix of three shades of a couple of these colors.

heyheyhey3860d ago

you just copy and paste the same crap again and again

i think your just annoyed that the PS3 version has MUCH better lighitng and bloom effects while the 360 version is lacking in colour and light

and this time round- it doesn't seem like the 360 has sharper textures or better framerates (not significantly anyway)

your sad because the era of better multi-platform games on the 360 is coming to an end- that just hurts you here doesn't it *points at chest*

Bender3860d ago

Do you have any idea how desperate you sound, Mart?

Spinner3860d ago

Maybe you should switch between your accounts (Mart & POG) so it doesn't seem as if you're regurgitating the same garbage over and over again.

tweaker3860d ago

I seriously doubt anybody can tell which belongs to which if Gametrailers were turn off captions of the corresponding source.

tweaker3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )


SUP3R3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

You sound so desperate for something to nitpick at.
The multi-platform differences are quickly coming to an end.
Developers are getting very experienced with the PS3 dev-kit now and we can start seeing the results in the video above.
Lighting, anti-aliasing, bloom effects and motion blur all look better on the PS3 so go ahead and talk about the colors all you want.
The fact is the 360 version got served!

hardcorehippiez3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

to me the xbox version doesn't have the more natural colour, its very blue looking

robbo9183860d ago

Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, DMC4, LBP (previews), Wipeout HD, Motorstorm, etc with a LONG LONG list, are you really desperate enough to make up some crap like limited colors?

The game was about the same on both systems graphics wise, the X360 was darker and the PS3 was more vibrant IMO. Either way though it should show Crapcom and their Lost Planet junk that its VERY possible to multiplat games with X360 and PS3.

Ali_The_Brit3859d ago

truely pathetic desprate words from a fanboy

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