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Chad from We Got This Covered wrote:

It’s surprising how little the gaming industry makes use of the rich source material found within the historical Wild West. The time of cowboys, saloons, six shooters and tumbleweeds is a goldmine of interesting characters, both good and bad, not to mention settings and storylines. In fact, it’s almost a shame that we don’t get many Western-inspired video games these days, although it could be said that the lack of over-saturation is a good thing. Then again, at least some companies have been attempting to pay homage to that era, providing us with a limited amount of great and memorable experiences like Sunset Riders, Red Dead Redemption, GUN and the above-average Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. There aren’t too many to speak of, of course, but this very week has added one new title to that list of notables. That would be Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, the downloadable Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC game from Techland and Ubisoft.

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ramiuk11972d ago

awesome game.
about an hour into it and its such a refreshing change,i much missed genre if done right.
remindsm e of dead mans hand

Horny1972d ago

Loved the second COJ. Picking this up once the price drops.

Prcko1972d ago

yeah i played it and it's awesome

iistuii1972d ago

Got it from steam with bound in blood for £11.99 bargain. Great fun too.

stuntman_mike1972d ago

yeah i got the same deal too, excellent game especially at that price. people should really check it out i think it's better than previous games in the series.

really like those truth cards you pick up most of that stuff i didn't even know.

iistuii1972d ago

My only problem is I have to use my Xbox controller as I get the terrible micro stutter like dead island. Typical of that engine. I've been playing Metro last light on max settings fine on my GTX680, then this. But it's still great fun even with a controller, which gets rid of the micro stutter completely. I'd wait for a patch, bu can't stop playing it lol.

stuntman_mike1972d ago

honestly i havent even tried the game with my mouse (i know FPS crime lol). but i'm hearing that alot about the stuttering (i got a 7950), i have had a little here and there but nothing thats spoiled the game so far, might try with my mouse later.

but yeah the game is addictive.