Sony In Trouble With Blu-Ray..Kinda

WhatIfGaming writes:

"The bells! Oh the bells! Those bells! That damn tinkling of the bells! It would seem they are ringing louder for Sony than they are for me. The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) is up to their necks in papers looking into patent infringement allegations related to Blu-ray disc players and other products, with the "spotlight" on Sony."

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darkwing4495d ago

I better patent "Usage of Oxygen for Human Use" too

Master of Menace4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

a patent on HD-DVD coffee coasters? We could save a landfill. Aw, it's probabley already taken, darn.

doodle4494d ago

However Nothing could be done to thwart BLU RAY and PS3's progress

It is over for you MS and X360

TheExodus4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

@Goodfella2487: Most patent infringement claims come from "patent trolls" who never actually implement the tech they describe. This lady's pedigree coupled with the fact that she's a university professor leave me believe she actually may HAVE implemented the tech. Not to mention the article left me cheering, "Go little guy tinkering on the workbench in the garage." Most patent infringement suits maybe nothing more than glorified extortion attempts, but that shouldn't provide corporations cover to steal someone else's research.

Condoleezza Rice4494d ago

To actually believe a nobody will manage to take down a multibillion dollar business funded and supported by Sony,Warner,Samsung,Apple,Fox, and about 20 other multi billion dollar organizations.

She is not going to win.

Stryfeno14494d ago

LOL Why? Because she do not have the money to hire high power lawyers? Alot of people these days give up on the law to quick...If Sony and company did stole her idea and she have 'SOLID PROOF', then BDA will be in trouble.

However, most likely they will settle out of all the big companies do.

TheExodus4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

@Condoleezza Rice: Nice, you managed to call me vain & Rothschild a "nobody" in the same sentence which has me wondering how an anonymous Internet poster who's hiding behind someone else's name/reputation can be so arrogant & conceited. Try doing a bit of casual research before you start volleying insults because then you would know that Rothschild is not only NOT a nobody ( ), but she already winning ( ). Blu-ray wasn't her first target, it's just NEXT.

doodle4494d ago

I cant believe that people like these are allowed to POST misleading info on this site

PEOPLE please report all his comments as SPAM

a single UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR will never be able to come up with a tech as complex as BLU RAY.

LEDs are used in almost all DVD players. why isnt this lady finding a suit against Toshiba

We all know that this is just MS attempt to do some nasty stuffs.
even a 5 year OLD kid will understand this is BS.

a complex tech like BLU RAY is the fruition of 1000s of engineers not just a single lady in an unknown US university. NOT even the engineers /faculties of MIT/IIT could even come up with a TECH like BLU RAY not to mention other lesser US/INDIAN universities

TheExodus4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

@doodle: SPAM? My comments are FACTS that are directly related to this story. Hell, I even provided links so you mindless zombies wouldn't have an aneurysm trying to figure out how to use Google. Instead of reporting me as spam you ought to be rallying your ilk back to the Open Zone where you belong!

Now, since you can't figure out how to work a hyperlink I will directly quote from the Forbes article:
Professor Neumark is one of the world's foremost experts on doping wide band-gap semiconductors. During research work at Columbia University, she conceived of the doping process that has had a significant impact on the quality of consumer products. In addition to the blue laser, her patented processes to create blue and ultraviolet LEDs are now used in a large number of products ranging from flat screen TVs, computers, traffic lights, instrument panels, as the background color for mobile-phone screens, in multicolor displays and in numerous other lighting applications.

As for Columbia University being an "unknown university" how about some fact from Wikipedia:
Columbia was the birthplace of FM radio, the first American university to offer anthropology and political science as academic disciplines, the first American school to grant the M.D. degree, and the birthplace of modern genetics. An early research center for Manhattan Project development of the atomic bomb, its Morningside Heights campus was the first North American site where the uranium atom was split. Literary and artistic movements as varied as the Harlem Renaissance, the Beat movement and postcolonialism all took shape within Columbia's gates in the 20th century.

Hmm, is she just a "professor" from some "unknown university" or are you just a fanboy trolling in the Gamer Zone?

doodle4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

None of those are FACTS.

You are posting these to troll PS3 /SONY related threads

We all konw your past identity

ALL the faculties of the engineering department of MIT wont be able to come up with BLU RAY not to even mention an UNKNOWN professor of an UNKNOWN UNIVERSITY

Clumbia University??????????????

what is that?????

Others these 3 are US best UNIVERSITIES in computer science and engineering

Rank/School Average assessment
score (5.0=highest)
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5.0
2. Stanford University (CA) 4.9
3. University of California–Berkeley

Columbia is not even in the list. Columbia is famous for Liberal ARTS and scoial science studies

The only NON US university which is as good as MIT in computer engineering is IIT ---Indian Institute of technolgy.

I am 100% sure that the faculties of both MIT and IIT will take years to develop something as complex as BLU RAY


Please MARK all the comments of EXODUS as SPAM please
I have posted the rankings for BEST US GRAD SCHOOLS in COMPUTER ENGINEERING IN USA. Columbia is a TOP school but not in COMPUTER ENGINEERING

TheExodus4494d ago

@doodle: Even using the link you provided Columbia University still shows up at #19 of the top 50 engineering schools in the U.S. ( ).

4494d ago
slowlearner4494d ago

wow doodle the only thing you add to conversations is line breaks. The facts are there. Why go to so much trouble to discredit someone who is responsible for many technological breakthroughs. If her work is in anyway responsible for blu-ray, then she deserves to be compensated.

Don't worry doodle blu-ray isn't going anywhere, don't sell your stocks just yet. Oh one more thing everybody report doodle's comments as spam in the gamer zone. j/k :)

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Sarick4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

Anyone can come up with an idea to do something. Having an idea isn't the same as developing that idea. The problem with is complainant is she claims to have thought it up but never put it into practical application.

Perhaps technology patent laws need changed. In the past you could easyly make diagrams of working devices. Now days you can just say you have an idea put it on paper and when someone else develops it you step in to reap the rewards.

I think this us truly unfair. If she did have an idea and didn't develop it into a product then the cost of development should be removed from the royalties. Patent laws don't separate who develops the technology into a working concept they give rights to the person who had the idea first. I assume in most cases this is fair but in other situations the original inventer should at least have a working prototype before reaping the rewards of another persons efferts.

It's things like this that hurt the industry because people can claim they thought of it first but had no intention of developing it.

I say an these situations the person claiming that their idea was stolen should be required to prove their idea was srolen (copying from them) not that they where the first to imagine it.
That's just my 2 cents though.

Master of Menace4494d ago

I thought Sony had been working on Blu-ray since the early Nineties! And not just Sony, a whole Blu-ray group. So all those people and there lawyers missed this patent huh! I doubt it very much!

travelguy2k4494d ago

Didn´t sony change the design of the diodes awhile ago making them cheaper and smaller. Does this redesign fall under her patent?

SL1M DADDY4494d ago

How many of these issues Sony faces in a single year? Corporations are used to this crap and IMHO Sony will just do what it needs to get the fight done and over with. Even if it takes a small loss out of court it will still have the majority of ownership in the tech idea than some lady that claims to have "thought" it up first. These allegations are silly some times.

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