"Graphics Have Limits. Gameplay is Infinite."

Steve Wysowski from Xbox Focus writes:

"Outside of *insert name of system or game here* fanboys, the graphic whore population is the most annoying sect of gamers in the universe. To such idiots, a game's graphics must be as real as the physical world around them, and if they are not, the game isn't worth wasting their precious time with. These are the people who can't appreciate beautiful games like Okami, who won't pick up a Wii because it doesn't have HD capabilities, and who won't play an Xbox 360 title if it isn't being played on an 102" high-definition screen. We all know them, we all live with them, and we can't exterminate them. They are ruining the industry one small step at a time, and with the Xbox 360's power getting untapped everyday, their numbers are growing.

If you judge a game by its graphics, than you're not a gamer. You're a complete moron. Not playing games for such a reason isn't like judging a book by its cover. It's like judging a book by the shelve its in, or by the bookstore's carpet. Any true gamer knows that gameplay is the key to the success of any game, and without a core of intuitive controls and enticing mechanics, a game is nothing. But If graphics are above gameplay in your mind, then this pre-rendered picture of a beautiful sunset to the left should be the new standard of video games. Stare at that for ten hours instead of playing through Rainbow Six Vegas 2's single player campaign ("terrible" graphics and all) and report to me how fun it was."

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wAtdaFck4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )


I've seen so many headlines where gaming sites would try to attract clicks by posting video game comparisons. It always makes me wonder how we as gamers get lost in the nit picking of small things like the detail in the cement road rather than engulfing ourselves in gaming bliss.

RecSpec4497d ago

I thought this would be, but he just goes off into some messed up tangent, sounding like he can't afford a HD tv. So he has to hate good graphics because of it.

Graphics are definitely overrated sometimes, but to take them completely out of the equation? Ridiculous.

slowlearner4497d ago

Wow i just read the article and that was one hell of a tangent he went off on. He should have stopped after the first 2 paragraphs instead of adding that crap about "ignorance".

wAtdaFck4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

Okay, maybe he's not 100% truth. I think that he goes as far as to pity those who replace gameplay with graphics, but also never mentioned how the graphics actually do play in the immersion process as well.

I didn't catch that and you did, I'll give you props...err, bubbles.

RecSpec4497d ago

They both work in harmony, the best gameplay in the world is nothing if the game looks horrible, and vice versa.

This article is pretty lousy though, just cause I think GT5 looks amazing makes me a "graphics whore"? I don't think so. Also, the argument leaves out something very important, the story and presentation of a game. "There is no artistic vision in...Call of Duty 4" huh. Guess I played the single player campaign wrong.

Amanosenpai4497d ago

This guy is trying to convince someone with this trash... for real man... you are just insulting and treating like s#$% to every guy who likes games with good graphs... come on... let them be... they are not blowing the industry... there are flavours for everyone

Not the Face4497d ago

to hear what all of the sony and xbox fangirls have to say about this. people were crying about vegas 2s graphics also come to mind. there is a difference between gamers and just plain geeks. graphics are important that why he mentioned okami and wind waker, they look damn good but it has nothing to do with power just good old fashioned quality. and all of the people crying avout this article ask your self what system do you own...ps3 only? hmmmmm....

Alcaponeyou4497d ago

people look at graphics first and the gameplay experience comes in way after the initial look.
graphics are a big deal since it allows people to give something new a try.

boodybandit4496d ago

Of course graphics matter. We are visual people by nature. It's in our genetic DNA to want beauty first personality 2nd.

derseb4496d ago

Graphics/Physics... is what differentiates video games from other media:

insanely fast development is what we all love about our hobby, isnt it?

slowlearner4497d ago

Some people like games because of the graphics. This guy is way too self righteous and is probably just bitter he got burned by assassin's creed. Appreciating an engine that is attempting to achieve near photo-realistic graphics is not hurting the industry. For a blogger, how does this guy explain the love the mario and smash brothers is getting and the incredible sales of the wii and ds. This guy must just be sick of fanboys because the numbers do not support his statement.

Rybnik4497d ago

Totally agree, GT series would like to say hello. In fact, racing games (sims in particular) and FPS's are always trying to get to photoreal. It adds to the immersion and overall experience. To dismiss these kinds of games that thrive on evolving graphics does an enormous disservice to the hardworking devs in the industry.

This is not to say that unrealisic games are somehow less important, they are just another choice, and these games can be just as compelling. What is key is that the graphics reflect the kind of desired gameplay. These must go hand in hand. This guy is far oversimplifiying things in a way which doesn't make sense!!

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