GameTap: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review - Huddled masses yearn to break free of this game

GameTap writes: "Videogames have examined so many different wars from so many different angles that it's awfully nice to see something new. Turning Point's premise is just such a creature: The fiction is that Winston Churchill never survived being struck by a taxi in 1931, and thus wasn't around to slow Hitler's advance across Europe. This has allowed the Nazi menace to advance across the continent, and eventually across the Atlantic to invade New York.

I know, Nazis--not terribly original. But the idea here is that you're fighting a guerilla war on the streets of America, and that's a spin that we haven't really seen before. It puts the player in a role that Americans (and consequently, a great number of war-related videogames) don't have a lot of experience with: the role of the invadee."

Pros: Thought-provoking premise; addresses the notable scarcity of games in which you kill Nazis in New York.

Cons: Profoundly glitchy; unreliable controls; uneven graphics; moments of astonishingly poor taste

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