12 Awesome Shooters From This Gen You Might Have Missed | Attention, fellow shooter fans! While this console generation draws to a close, Cassidee recounts 12 awesome games that may have slipped your radar over the years.

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MegaMohsi2994d ago

Most of those games were meh

SOD_Delta2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

And most were better than most CoDs.

zeal0us2994d ago

Rage got over hyped and perform poorly. Syndicate should've stay a real-time tactical game but EA wanted to monetize off it so they turn it into a FPS thus spitting in the face of Syndicate's fanbase.

Binary and Vanquish both were excellent games. Too bad Binary Domain did sell well as Vanquish. Bulletstorm game-play was fun and the voice acting was pretty good but the story not so much.

I can't really comment on Payday, Singularity or The Darkness 2.

RandomManA2994d ago

My friends and I still play Payday together at least once a month. Which is more than I can say for CoD.

ltachiUchiha2994d ago

I have to agree. Most these games on this list crap on COD in the campaign mode. Multiplayer is debatable.

evilsooty2994d ago

And no mention of Natural Selection 2 or Red Orchestra 2?

Don't tag this as PC news if you are just going to include examples of multi-platform mediocrity.

DCfan2994d ago

Vanquish was awesome, so as bulletstorm, i played Binary domain demo and it was great, i liked it, Payday tops everything FPS