GameTap: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review - Zounds--a good sci-fi prequel?

GameTap writes: "You can safely divide the world into two sorts of people: those who go through emotional upheaval whenever Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII (if you're ticked about spoilers, sorry, but you literally had 10 years to experience it yourself) is brought up, and those who don't. Whichever side you fall on will also predict your feeling about this final installment of the compilation of FFVII. If you shudder in horror when hearing the phrase "Nibelheim incident," then Crisis Core is a fantastic and emotional companion piece to FFVII. If you shrugged at that phrase, well, you'll probably just see Crisis Core as a well-made PSP action role-playing game."

Pros: Well-constructed action-RPG mechanics; portable friendly; good companion story to FFVII.

Cons: Bad luck can be aggravating; story is a bit offputting to non-FFVII diehards; missions and environments can get repetitive.

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