XboxFocus' 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2008

The staff at XboxFocus give their list of the 5 games they're anticipating most this year.

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power of Green 4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

My Top 5.

(Top 5).

1. GTA4

2. Gears of War 2

3. Alan Wake

4. Fable 2

5. Star Wars

(continued for TOP 10)

6. All Points Bulletin

7. Lef 4 Dead

8. Too Human

9. Ninja Gaiden 2

10. Race Driver Grid

(countinued top 15)

11. Splinter Cell conviction

12. Project offset(not sure about this year if ever; or it would be ontop of the list fore sure)

13. Banjo-Kazooie

14. Borderlands

15. Battlefield: Bad company

(Continued Top 15)

16. Elveon

17. Thesis

18. Golden Axe

19. Viking

20. Prototype

Thesis and Elveon can easily move in my top 15 if they build on whats been shown so far.

This list is based on How I feel about these games based on reading and seeing this is not the usual hype only lists.

You dissagree?, no one asked your opinion on games *I'm* looking forward to the most.

pwnmaster30004499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

is elveon and thesis going on ps3 to because i could of swear i saw a artical saying it was

and power i didnt disagree with cha im just asking

power of Green 4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

When it comes to this site you know you have a problem when you're getting flamed for mentioning 360 titles in a "Most Anticipated Games" 360 thread.

My personal prefference can not be dissagreed with from PS3 fanboys that will not be playing many of these titles. LOL

The mental health issues members on this site have are amazing.

#1.1, It was coming to PS3 but I remember reading that they canceled it, things could change who knows. I listed what games I want to play and the list is mixed with multiplatform and exclusive titles.

GETPWNT4499d ago

Nice list, PoG. 360 is kicking ASS this year. And all ps3 has is like three good games this year lol. IT'S PS3'S YEAR!!!!! ROFL!

power of Green 4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

I read about these titles and many could be great.

Also games like:

Dead Island
Halo Wars
Conan Hyborian Adventures
Tales of Vesperia

could fit some niches too.

mikeslemonade4499d ago

Most people would disagree that the list is pretty week. Not many of the games will generate the amount of hype that is needed to sell consoles. Maybe those games fit very well to you and your world but in the real world that isn't happening.

BrianC62344499d ago

What a horrible list. You poor Xbot. Just think how great your list could be if you were smart enough to buy a PS3. Have fun playing those mostly mediocre games.

power of Green 4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

You have beef with the list because you're Sony fanboys, simple. lol

It may be a weak list to you but thats besides the point. lol

I don't need input from PS3 fanboys I don't care what you Sony fucers consider a stellar lineup trolling in here doesn't make sense maybe we can talk PS3 games in PS3 game threads. lol

PS3 fanboys and their mental problems lol You are attacking me and replying-dissagreeing with me because of games I wan't?. lol Only on N4G and the 90% PS3 fanboy members. WOW!.

spandexxking4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

il tell you the real list


its the only game you've got!

poopface14497d ago

dont get mad at ps3 people, they are looking foward to little big planet for god sakes. Also home, which is totally awsome killer shi#. MGS4 and resistance are the only exclusives on the system which are worth sh#t and if the developers wanted to make more than 2x their money all theyd have to do is port them to 360.

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boogeyman9994499d ago

I really didn't like the list.

Breakfast4499d ago

me too... your name look awfully familiar though...

My top 5 exclusives
Alan Wake (please i want this game this year)
Too Human (The more i here about it, the more i want it)

sonarus4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

list aint bad. quite shocked to not see ninja gaiden up there. But then again, ninja gaiden isn't the avg 360 owners game. I wish ninja gaiden was coming to ps3 the controller would be so much better for this game. I never played black so i don't know how well it played but the 360 controller is very stiff not ideal for the type of fast paced action required for sigma. :( i guess i will just have to get used to it

Breakfast4499d ago

You'd be suprised how good the controls feel... You just have to try it to beleive me. Remember this game was developed for the xbox and its controller.

poopface14499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

And the controls are pretty simple. I like the controls on 360 better than the original xbox.

sonarus4499d ago

yea but 360 controllers are stiffer than ps3. The stiff controllers is what gives it advantage in shooters but in a fast paced game a stiff controller isn't best. Regardless it won't be as bad as playing a straight up fighter so i am sure after playing for an hr i will get used to it.

poopface14497d ago

and Iv always hated it because of the loose sticks. It wasnt that bad for PS1 but nowadays the same design is geting old.

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pwnmaster30004499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

well my top 3 im not intrested in 360 games except for this 3

1. age of conan
2. mass effect( i rented and now i regret it cus it was funner then i thought)
3. fable 2 ( i kno i bashed it along time ago but i saw preview of it in youtube looks pretty sick

Dr Pepper4499d ago

Gears of War 2 at #1? Yay for originality!


We've seen nothing on the game. Nothing. I'm sorry, but I don't start getting hyped for something until I've seen at least one pic. Gears 1 was good, but not the fantastic game people have made it out to be. It had issues and until I'm sure those issues have been fixed, I will remain skeptical. I could think of many more games that deserve that number one spot, but to each their own.

Breakfast4499d ago

Why does it have to be original?? You know its gonna be the most anticipated game regardless of what you put at the top spot, even though you wanna be 'original'. If everyone puts it at the top spot its because it is the most anticipated game. Everyone isnt trying to trick you.

Maybe its not on your top spot, but for many people it is. But, just like you said "to each his own"

Dr Pepper4499d ago

Well, I just get tired of looking at all these top ten lists and seeing the same things. Not only that, but websites have been "previewing" Gears 2 when there is nothing to preview (except a CG trailer that lasted about one minute). If you start a game with that much hype, chances are it wont live up to your expectations. That's all I'm saying.

sonarus4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

gears 1 was good back in 2006 but i really don't see that game stacking up in 2008 but i could be proven wrong and i am sure the die hard fans don't see it that way. But that mechanic of seek cover kill this wave of enemies walk around a little seek cover kill that wave of enemies Lets see the improvements they make though.

Breakfast4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

I understand what your saying but...think of YOUR most favourite game, arent you gonna put the sequel to that game on your most antipated games list?'re gonna be hyped for it and you're gonna try to break down every detail to find out whats gonna be new.

Thats whats going on here. Gears is now the top IP for the xbox so everyones wanting a sequel, and everyone wants to know details.

The hype right now is just people getting excited for the game...the hype around release is what should make you mad.

Edit - @ Sonarus
You can say that about every sequel out there. It was good in 2006...but theyre not re-releasing the same game. Look at your beloved mgs the same way. It was good when it was first released...and its gonna be good 10 years later

Dr Pepper4499d ago

"the hype around release is what should make you mad."

Good point. :/

kewlkat0074499d ago

are really revolutionary and actually strays from the formula so much, it was better than the first game?


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ambientFLIER4499d ago

My list:

1: Grid
2: Tiberium Wars
3: Battlefield Bad Company
4: Unreal 3

Gee, guess what kind of games I like...

heyheyhey4499d ago

tactical MP FPS and racing games

am i right?

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