Xbox Live Etiquette

I've only had Live for about eight months now, but with the amount of time I put into the games compatible with the service, I know what I'm talking about when I say it's about time somebody teaches a little etiquette to the nubs that think they're all that.

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HarryEtTubMan4497d ago

Xbox Live is FILLED with BABOONS and 12 year olds.

Alpha_Gamer4496d ago

If ps3 had more online games, they would be in there too. But since 360 has the most appealing games and online service, more people (including 12 year olds) are going to choose it.
Just use simple logic on that one.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4496d ago

PSN isn't filled with anything. XD

iAmPS34496d ago

Teaching Etiquette to a XBOT is as easy as teaching a monkey to sing happy birthday.

power of Green 4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

PSN only seems different because the lack of good games, PS3 kids and Baboons are all here on N4G's. What I hear on XBL is the same thing thats said here from the overwhelming number of PS3 fanboys on this site.

Its amusing to watch the PS3 fanboys hunt down anti MSFT posts in response to nervousness or troll 360 threads in droves trying to force their pont of view on average gamers trying to controll the tone and popular opnion on this site and the industry.

I'm not Saying any Known PS3 fanboy trolled *this news* of course.

wAtdaFck4497d ago

Your only being the very character your condemning. You may say that PSN may seem different, but I can attest against that by simply saying that I know whats on PSN, and you don't. I can also say that I know what good games that are on the PS3, you don't, and from my stand point, the PS3 isn't "lacking" any good games. How do I know all these things? Its simple really. I have the first hand experience, you only look for the bad news on the PS3 from N4G or other forum.

I've payed for XBox LIVE for about a year (half of it being unused due to single player games), and I can tell you first hand that there are more civilized people on PSN than XBox LIVE.

games4fun4496d ago

or what was your other account again oh wait xboxkings or something (multiple accounts is a good way to prove your not a troll)

anyway good way to stray on topic... i mean stay on topic not that your post isnt on topic

at least we know a known 360 fanboy trolled this news of course

Maddens Raiders4497d ago

the title seems 'conflicted'...

Cryos4496d ago

I read it as a sarcastic title, but I was mistaken.

I was expecting
"Always say dirogatory statements when talking, or encountering someone of a different ethnicity than you"
"If you're below the age of 18, make it known with your squeeky high voice and swear as much as possible"
"if encountering a girl gaming, first express disbelief, then insult her, all the while hoping splooging on your controller, hoping she takes notice of you"


but I guess that goes on PSN too.

mikeslemonade4497d ago

Look who has the biggest mouth here. *Looks at power of green*. I rest my case.

JoelR4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

Hmm I think the blogger should probably look at himself first... he seems to be as bad as the people who he complains about.

" say it’s about time somebody teaches a little etiquette to the NUBS that think they’re all that. "

he appears to insult people as much as he complains about people doing just that!

When you can say you don't swear then you can talk about mic etiquette.
When you are encouraging over the mic then you can talk about mic etiquette.
When you are being useful over the mic then you can talk about mic etiquette.
When you are polite over the mic then you can talk about mic etiquette.
Otherwise... be quiet.

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