Why Windows 7 might go to pieces

1. Delivered in a role-based fashion, a la Windows Server.

Windows Server 2008 allows users to select which bits they want to install or ignore, based on a handful of predetermined "roles." Windows Server Core is the minimum configuration. Given that Windows client and server are built from the same code base, doesn't it make sense that the next version of client also will move to more of a roles-like system? Microsoft already allows OEMs to pick and choose among components using the OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK). So why not allow customers to do the same?

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Jack Bauer3957d ago

hmmm... may not buy this game, major turn off there...

EA is subliminally brainwashing us... they are telling us it is ok to buy our way into stuff if we have money without working for it... kinda like them, buying every company out and not making any good games themselves.

Jack Bauer3957d ago

disregard this comment, ha... poster notified me story changed, but past edit time.

Breakfast3957d ago

If this is true, thats pushing dlc way to far. In every fps known to man you dont have to pay for your guns in a literal way.

Pretty soon your gonna buy a game, but the only way to play it will be to buy an activation key using dlc.

Breakfast3957d ago

Dont disregard this comment...DLC must be stopped!

PureGamer3957d ago

Windows went to hell in 98. Mac OSX FTW.

Silvia0073957d ago

Seriously, if OSX and Linux is so "GREAT", we wouldn't be paying this much money for Microsofts software. I can tell you right now, I've used OS X and Linux and it's just not for me. I actually had to learn both OS's and still prefer windoze even if it does suck. This is for one reason. Windows has every type of application you could possibly think of and then some. If I wanted to use OS X, I wouldn't be here complaining about Windows.

Anyway, like breakfast said. DLC is "NOT" cool.

PureGamer3957d ago

OSX has loads of apps as well, hell i even have microsoft programs on here.

Your argument is very flawed, you obviously have not learnt that much on either OS because then you would not be saying BS like "Windows has every type of application you could possibly think of and then some" because every app windows has OSX has either the same or a mac version.

Jack Bauer3957d ago

N4G is so anti windows...

GutZ313956d ago

Actually, its G4N4G that are anti-windows.

*Gamers 4 News 4 Gamers*

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