Alex St. John: "Vista Blows"

More than a decade ago, Alex St. John predicted the success of World of Warcraft. He didn't call it by its name, nor did he refer to MMOs-the monikers hadn't been invented yet. He prophesized that, with the burgeoning popularity of the Internet among household PC users, the future of gaming lay in expansive online communities with millions of players.

Say what you will about St. John, but the famously expressive engineer knows how to make a point. In part 1 of extreme exclusive interview, he blasted Intel for pushing its inferior onboard graphics technology to OEMs. He insisted that fighting piracy is the main reason for the existence of gaming consoles, and he talked up the convergence of the GPU and the CPU as the next big thing in gaming.

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Mr_Kuwabara3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

"But there's a lot of things with gaming and Vista that you just want to slap Microsoft and go, "What the hell were you thinking?""


Still have XP with me here, don't see why I have to "upgrade" since it still works great.

Alcaponeyou3952d ago

are always in denial
waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaah

v1c1ous3952d ago

what makes this guy special?

and lol wildtangent.

Bonsai12143952d ago

not much different from the iD software guy saying ps3 sucks. big names who think their option matter. its like movie stars who get caught up trying to preach some view in some political matter

DRUDOG3952d ago

Not only that Bonsai, but the funniest part is that he's basically shilling his product and telling us how and what we want. Last time I checked as a consumer it was I making the decisions based on what was available. If more options open up, great, but if he's trying to say that boxed retail games are going to dry up, he's f'in crazy or stupid. More DD hot air.

Oh, and the best part of what he says is that the PC is the gaming machine of the future. Loved that part!

Silvia0073952d ago

He does have one thing right and that's Vista Blows...

FordGTGuy3952d ago

It really doesn't deserve all the hate given to it. When I had XP I would always get viruses that would force me to reformat my computer almost once a month(this is with firewall and virus protecting software). Ever since i've had Vista i've had 0 ZERO virus problems and I surf the web as harshly as I used to. It may not be the best gaming platform but it does its job and was worth the money so its it definitely doesn't blow as far as i'm concerned.

jaja14343952d ago

Odd title for an article that actually has very little to do with Vista...

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