About Face: Faceplate Failure

XboxOZ360- Gamer's David Hilton discusses the failure of the Xbox 360 Faceplate idea:

"Pimping out cars and even computers shows a flair of individuality, a symbol of cool taste, or an extravagance of wealth. So obviously being able to pimp out your 360 with changeable faceplates was a stroke of marketing genius, right? Wrong.

Modding your video game console to look different in the past has also seen a strong following, so why has the faceplate idea failed to inspire gamers? Here was a company prepared to prevent the usual 'void your warranty' risk by offering you the opportunity to buy and change your faceplate easily to give it some flair or originality...

Tin-covered versions of games with bonus videos on a separate disc or an artbook are the go now. Every game released seems to have that 'special' version. They are the sellers. The plastic faceplate has either failed to inspire the market or the marketers."

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dachiefsman3956d ago

no it failed because 25 bucks for a piece of plastic that serves one function is ridiculous.....

gaminoz3956d ago

Yeah but they were giving some away with pre-orders etc. as an added incentive. I got COD2, GRAW, GRAW 2 and a stupid ugly blue one free with pre-orders.

I would have liked to get the Dead Rising one they had in the UK....

What faceplates do you guys have?

mintaro3956d ago

ehh, just never seemed to me that i never actually needed one

ElementX3956d ago

I got a free Eternal Sonata one with pre-order and it's cute and colorful, perfect for my kind of people ;)

myabsolution3956d ago

umm i really disagree with this writer.

hell if you dont like faceplates... dont buy them, right? They arent needed and they are a nice way to not void your warranty for those who want to modify their xbox 360's look.

How does anyone possibly lose out by having THE OPTION to modify its appearance? I fail to see any negatives.

As far as not fitting right... sorry cant say Ive ever seen a faceplate not fit properly. They click in.

InYourMom3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Seems stupid to call something a failure when people have the option to buy or make their own faceplates as an option. There are a few different places that will actually do a customer faceplate for you and they are still in business.. I love the fact that I can individualize my system.. I have a custom painted faceplate with my gamertag and a nice Chrome plated one.

What is it with gaming websites/bloggers/gamers in general so quick to call something a failure. However, I do wish MS would introduce some new ones, it seems like they've kind of given up on the idea. I thought we would see a new series of faceplates at least once a year but so far what they launched with is what they kept.

gaminoz3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

In Australia you don't have many faceplates at fact you could count them on two hands I believe. So either the idea didn't take off here or it wasn't marketed here. So in Australia the concept has failed to work.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33956d ago

Faceplate Failure
Console Failure

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