What's really going on with Tekken 6 in US arcades?

While rumors have circulated surrounding whether or not Tekken 6 will receive a US arcade release, Arcade Renaissance takes in an inside look at the situation courtesy of the Stinger Report. Despite the lack of market demand and high prices being cited as the reasons why there is a lack of motivation on behalf of Namco Bandai's American amusement division to release the game stateside, there is an apparent push back by arcade operators who are beginning to resort to 'gray market' deals to import the games to their audience.

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sonarus3863d ago

forget arcade release what about ps3 release.

heyheyhey3863d ago

yeah lol

i don't care about what happens to the arcades in the US

i want more info on the PS3 version

CaliGamer3863d ago

Arcades are not as viable as they were, especially here in the US.

Fux4Bux3863d ago

People still go to arcades?

pwnsause3863d ago

mmh, i dont want to be an [email protected], but I think gamesblow is right, this game might go to the "other" console, and I hate that

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The story is too old to be commented.