Pachter: Gibson is desperate, trying to extort money

With Gibson Guitar Corp. suing Activision, several national retailers, Harmonix, MTV Networks, and EA over the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series of video games, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has rang in on the issue.

"This is a poorly masked attempt to extort money," Pachter said.

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Wozzer3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Gibson have always been extortionists. Currently in the UK it costs around £1200 ($2379) upwards for a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard and the quality control is horrendous! Do Not waste your money; try Vintage ( ) Tokai, Burny or Epiphone instead.

Chug3865d ago

Yep, Les Paul's cost crazy money. I've been contemplating on buying an epiphone. I've always looked at it as Epiphone is to Gibson what Squier is to Fender, and Squiers dont sound all that bad. I'll have to look into those vintage's too...

GETPWNT3864d ago

lol. I always knew Gibson sucked ass. You want a real guitar, buy ESP/LTD.