Top 5 Botched PC Gaming Launches

1UP writes: "Installing a new PC game can be something like a blind date. Yeah, sure, it may have sounded great when your friend was saying you'd be perfect for each other, but if things start off on a bad foot -- like, say, she vomits in your car -- you may just not want to bother with the rest of the night.

Plenty of atrocious PC game launches litter the past, but what we have here are our five "favorites" -- the ones that still make us shake our heads and cluck our tongues and make other such disapproving gestures with our bodies as we recount their particular horrors. And while it would be easy enough to fill this entire list at least two times over with MMOs alone, we decided not to do that, as it's just too much fish-in-the-barrel shooting even for us.

So let's laugh, cry, and get annoyed all over again at five of the all-time worst PC game launches. We promise, reading this list will not automatically reformat your hard drive!"

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cruckel3864d ago

I hated it, didn't want anything to do with it. Thought the idea was one of the worst.

Now it runs on my computer 24/7 except when i play crysis (need the extra memory).

Get tech... bad timing...