New Dark Sector Scans

New screens of Dark sector posted by

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Jakens5894d ago

By the way, besides Dark Sector looking good, there were over 100 screenshots found on that site that I have never seen before. I'm happy to see so much progrees on the upcoming 360/PS3 games. Yeah for gamers everywhere!!!

OC_MurphysLaw5894d ago

I couldn't tell by the site, are those actual screen shots or are they concept art? Cause, it looked very artistic in nature and I really question if its gameplay shots.

That said, I am very much looking forward to this game as well. Ever since I saw the first trailer for it I have been wondering when this would surface again.

Glad to see its still coming out to all. Definitely a win for all.

THWIP5894d ago

I hope they're either really good concept art pieces....or really crappy scans. But the game still looks interesting. Although, I hope it hasn't strayed too far from the original concept, because I thought it looked pretty awesome a couple years ago.

headblackman5894d ago

this doesnt look like the same dark sector that was shown in the begining, but none the less i'll still play it. it looks as if it will show to prove worthy :) keep up the good work