1UP Previews Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

1UP writes: "The first time we encountered the Strogg was over 10 years ago. Since then we've taken them on in numerous battles, even fighting them on their homeworld. Soon 360 and PS3 owners who didn't have the chance to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars on PC will have the chance to learn how the war with the Strogg began.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is -- as far as the Quake universe goes -- a prequel to the events of Quake II and IV, focusing on Earth's defense against the Strogg invasion. The core of Quake Wars is its multiplayer experience, with action that's similar to the Battlefield franchise, focusing on conflict between two forces on a map with specific objectives and combat points of interest, but there is a single-player campaign as well. However, this is not a campaign in the sense of say Quake IV's, but rather a loosely driven story that pits you against bots in an effort to warm you up to the meat and potatoes of Quake Wars: online multiplayer".

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