1UP Previews Great Legends: Viking

1UP writes: "In Great Legends: Vikings, mighty Odin takes human form, swinging his great battle-ax as he splinters the skulls of orcs and skeletons on his quest to prevent Ragnarok, the engulfing apocalypse of Norse mythology. Crouched over the body of the fiery giant Loki, Odin is urged to confront his three children. "Take my ship," the monster gasps, "and set sale."

"Sale?" Sadly, the typos and shoddy writing take some of the muscle out of this otherwise impressive-looking Nordic brawler. Vikings is the latest and best-looking title in the Great Legends series of original mobile games, which have featured classic heroes like Robin Hood and Billy the Kid. Currently available on some mobile phone carriers and coming soon to T-Mobile, Vikings is a slow-paced beat-em-up in the style of Golden Axe, with some colorful backgrounds and enemy types. The animations are mostly simple, with a few nice touches, like Odin's stumbling dizziness when he comes out of a whirling special move. We'd have liked to see a little more depth to the combat system, but Vikings still seems like a pretty fun action game if you just skip past the clunky dialogue".

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