Don't buy these electronics used

Electronics are expensive and expendable, making them likely candidates for resale if someone's looking for quick cash. But most should be avoided unless you're buying from a reputable dealer who's willing to include a warranty that covers the risks.

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InYourMom3955d ago

I thought for sure that the Xbox 360 was going to be on that list. It seems like it would be so fitting for this place.

IzKyD13313955d ago

you'd think the 360 would be on this list, because buying a used 360 is like shooting yourself in the foot...but since MSN is a Microsoft website, i can see why they would leave it out

Fux4Bux3955d ago

360 should be on the top.

crck3955d ago

Not only do you have defects that might not surface immediately but you have consoles that may have been Live banned, modded or tampered with in some other way. Buying a 360 used is just a bad idea unless you can get it for $150 or less. At that price if it breaks you can still probably part it out and break even.

OJ_juice3955d ago

also agrees. It should be it's own category. lol.

mikeslemonade3955d ago

No because you shouldn't buy a 360 new or refurbished either until they sort out the faulty hardware. Because that 3 year warranty doesn't last forever.

Descendant3954d ago

I tell everybody if your going to get an Xbox 360 system do not get it used. My advice go to Vegas and gamble your money the chances are so much better.

theredfoxisquick3954d ago

Funny you say that. My old roommate got a used xbox 360 off of the internet lol. Yeah it didnt work...

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Mcrmarcher3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

im supprised xbox 360 isn't on list...

nevelo073955d ago

bombbox360 should be on the never buy used or new list

Obama3955d ago

MSN is owned by MS, so that's why 360 is not on the list.

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The story is too old to be commented.