Unreal Tournament 3 v2.1 Mod 'Cooking' Tool Available NOW

One of the most anticipated UT3 features was the possibility of allowing PS3 gamers to import new community content/mods on their consoles. Epic has released an updated version of the tools to "cook" your own content, and transfer it from PC to PS3. This version is up to date for the newest PS3 patch released a few days ago, and requires the v1.2 PC patch installed.

Mod support for UT3 on PS3 is based on the PC toolset. There are no in-game mod tools that run on the PS3. However, this gives an incredible amount of freedom for people to make whatever they want (within reason, after all the PS3 has a limited amount of memory with no Virtual Memory).

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games4fun3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

it would be awesome if they made a dumbed down version for me (i dont know computer coding well enough) now i'm excited i'm going to start playing ut3 again also those giant walker things are awesome vehicles.

Kleptic3866d ago

yeah the darkwalker is one of the coolest vehicles in a game to date...the sound of the battle horns are totally awesome, not to mention the way it tosses bodies around like empty beer cans...

games4fun3866d ago

been a gametype where you have two sides fighting for control of the center area and you use around 8 walkers four on one side and four on the other and the rest is people the battle would become epic

Violater3866d ago

Having fun with custom characters right now.
It really is a pity that other devs cannot get their UE3 PS3 games too look as good as UT3.

LinuxGuru3866d ago

Necris Darkwalker = big and scary.

Those things are almost unfair if they've got a good pilot in them...

StormSoldier3866d ago

Hey can i get some comments on this pic i was working on.Bored As #$%^
ps3 is getting fixed.


i hosted warfare lastnight for about 3 hours and my room was full the whole time with no lag or drop lines.this game is becoming the game of the decade!ONLINE INSANITY!!


there is no way gow2 or any other shooter can touch UT3!the amount of maps,weapons,vehicles are second to none.PLAY B3YOND !!!

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