Rumor: Gears of War Coming To PC?

According to German site Consolewars, Gear of Wars is set to be less a 360 Exclusive than a Microsoft exclusive. According to a leaked release list from Switzerland, Gears of War is slated as an upcoming 2007 Games for Windows release.

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TheMART5893d ago

Could be, because Live Anywhere makes the combination.

Actually I don't think it'll come that fast. But well I have played it over a year when this would be true on my 360.

Halo comes 2 years after the release on XBOX, and actually I wouldn't care. Thing is: it's going to sell the 360 this Christmas, because there is nothing to compete with it on the other consoles.

And other thing, with Source, Unreal Engine 3 combined with DX based 360 with it's own adding API control of effects up on the DX10 level or even above, games like Crysis will be best on 360.

As long as they are exclusive to 360 and PC, only one of them is a console and that will have the best games around compared to the other consoles.

Bioshock. It's also on PC. Problem? Nope. But the PS3 doesn't have it

Sexius Maximus5893d ago

PC gamers and console gamers don't cross paths too often. Halo of course went to PC. Being a console gamer, I'm happy to see the PC guys getting some love. I'm' not sure why Dante1 thinks it's so funny. That's like saying it's funny that "PS3 sucks" because Unreal 07 is going to PC. Console and PC cross platform gaming is good for business and the industry.

Marriot VP5893d ago

if so who cares, I'm not playing any shooter or third person game with a keyboard and mouse.

Also I don't feel like having to spend 1.5g's on a PC to match the 360 or PS3.

kewlkat0075893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

What a disgrace to the "Ssonyfanboyclub"

I wouldn't be surprised if this game did come out on the PC, like others mentioned with Live anywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.