Gran Turismo 5 Prologue : Burnt Rubber Cinematic

Check the new trailer of Gran turismo prologue which has been posted by Gametrailers

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doodle5963d ago

OMG 2 million + preorders in europe and USA already

This game will sell over 1.5 million on its launch day in europe

COnsole war comes to an end on March 28th 2008 in europe

Console war ends on 12th JUNE WORLDWIDE


Daz5963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

Full game, or the the money i spent of prolorge which was a bad dicision.

Its is going to be a great game when the full version is released.

doodle5963d ago

you dont own a PS3 you GARBAGE BOT


Asurastrike5963d ago

I can't be the only one who thinks this game looks incredibly boring?

tethered5963d ago

So don't buy it. Easy solution.
To all others that think the same way, don't buy it.

I have played the demo and it's great.
We don't care if you like it or not.

madness5963d ago

dude... it is a racing SIM, not an ARCADE game

rushbd5963d ago

Simulators aren't for n00bs.

clevernickname5963d ago

Yes, I completely agree that it looks boring. That said, I have to echo the comments of those above that say if you don't like the game, don't buy it. There are plenty of other racing games in the PS2/PS3 library that should meet your fancy.

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FirstknighT5963d ago

LMAO. What's up with those cars flying in the air and coming down all smooth without a hitch. So much for GT having good physics.

5963d ago
pwnsause5963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

great spin, keep trolling, keep losing bubbles you deserve it, you obviously are going to lose bubbles, BTW i have done that before in real life on a Mitsubishi evo V in the carribean, were cops dont really give a damn how you drive, and you can jump smoothly. good job, you fail.

Daz5963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

He is king of right he landed on his front wheels first so there should be some kind of effect. not just drive away smooth has nothing happened. Yes also you can land perfect.

FirstknighT5963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

The first jump happends about 16 seconds in. The car lands its 2 front tires followed by the back 2 tires without any bounce or slight loss of control. That is impossible. Plus it takes a nice amount of speed to jump that high and it looked like the car was in cruise mode. And the second jump near the end is just laughable. It looked like he jumped 40 feet with a nice smooth landing. LMAO

I guess it still is the same ole GT. Pretty graphics with nice looking mountains but horrible physics.

So you can't prove me wrong, huh? So do the next best thing and take my bubbles away. That just proves that I am right. :)

heyheyhey5963d ago

and let me guess

Forza does it perfectly hmmm?

horrible physics? way to spin something out of proportion

one little hitch and it's horrible is it? find me ONE racing sim that's dead-on perfect (and don't say Forza cause you know that's not true)

Daz5963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

no sim on consoles are perfect yet. But this fread is for gt why did you bring up forza. talk about a fanboy war. lol

Did anyone say forza is perfect? nope

Theres always someone who start bringing up other games. Why whats the point so you fill good about yourself :/

Some games are closer then others to a true sim.

snakeater35963d ago

first knight...you are right about the jump....however....the LMAO phrase just proves you are a fanboy and that u are lovin a flaw on a game which is not on 360. if gt5 was on 360 (doubts if it could be pulled off on 360 hardware, buts thats just my opinion) then you wouldnt have laughed your a$$ off at the jump now would you ? troll...

FirstknighT5963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

"doubts if it could be pulled off on 360 hardware, buts thats just my opinion"

Actually that is a comment of a fanboy.

Heyheyhey...Like I said earlier, GT was never about spot on physics. If anything it plays more arcade style than sim. It was always about graphics. Since our last debate, their were about 8 more GT videos or screenshots. Nothing has been said about the actual gameplay or physics of the game. The graphics was always the prime reason why GT was so popular. Forza was always about gameplay/physics first. You won't see cars flying off the road in Forza.

This video is just a small reminder that GT has great graphics with beautiful backgrounds but lacking in true vehicle physics. Try to prove me wrong.

I'm always ready for a good civilized Forza vs. GT debate. I'm not using foul language. I'm not calling anybody names. I'm just calling it how I see it. If you don't like it, either prove me wrong or put me on ignore.

Spinner5963d ago

FirstKnight, this guy's playing on "arcade" mode, you can tell by how he turns. Anyway, once you flip it into "professional" mode, the gameplay completely changes, the physics are night and day (though you are correct about the jump - I just tested it on professional mode on the Japanese version I own, hopefully they fixed that on the EU/US versions)

I've played both Forza 2 and GT5: Prologue and I can say that polyphony matched or exceeded in physics compared to Forza 2. You might want to give GT5: Prologue a play through before you bash it by watching videos.

heyheyhey5963d ago

hey im always up for a good debate

like you, i don't like callign people "xbot" or whatever, i just try my best to re-inforce the points i make

the point i would like to bring up is that this is "prologue"- PD has another year to work on the full game and they will aiming to surpass Forza with it

besides prologue already outdoes Forza in many areas like graphics as you mentioned, and stuff like GTTV and 16-player online races

the full version of GT5 wil also have double the cars and tracks of Forza, fully licensed by every manufacturer and everything will just be very authentic

ok perhaps FOrza 2 > GT5:P

but im willing to bet that GT5 >>>>>>>&g t; Forza 2

i guess we shall have this debate again when the fulll game ships ok?

Rageanitus5963d ago

Please bring this to the open forum.... honestly you really sound like a KID and we know your older than that how sad.

Can Forza do better...? we will see how this Demos is in a month

Im pretty sure in the back of your mind your going to nitpick how the racing crowd in the game does not move realistically.

Please grow up.... If many of you acted just like you you wouldnt believe how bad forza will be bashed for its flaws.... but there is no point it doing that because its a freaking game and it is NOT reality.

Glad to be a gamer5963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

Firstly i don't know how much i can trust your opinion with a name like that but here goes..

I already know that the physics in this gt are much improved on previous versions my only fear now is that from that replay the ford gt does not seem to have any sense of speed which is more worrying then anything else.

Also the racing didn't seem that exciting in comparison to a forza2 replay where collisions,coming off the track,skidding,spinning you name it could happen. With forza2 theres this excitement from driving on the edge and feeling the control rumble as you push the tyres to just under their breaking point. Jeez ive seen cars get completely flipped before in bad crashes.

I want gtp to be amazing as a race fan but this replay does worry me.
From playing the game what do you think of this as for me that was the main problem with Gt's was the lack of speed unless you completely kitted your car out.

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JOLLY15963d ago

The game looks fantastic, but seriously can we get rid of that sqeek that the tires do. We have had the exact same sqeek since gt1. I really hope that the jumping physics aren't how the whole games physics are.

Daz5963d ago

I agree. The jumping physics are of as well. Hope they fix for the full game.

level 3605963d ago

Think they just wanted to show the same track from GranTurismo-HD version... but with the new set of cars for the Prologue Series.

A few requests' here... hope Sony/Polyphony could bring in the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 928 and Mazda Furai LeMans concept racecar as download in the near future. Please.