Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Preview Video

The preview video found in the Beta if you remain idle during the 'Press Start' screen.

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Breakfast4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

this game looks awesome

ASSASSYN 36o4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

See people like me with multiple fileplanet accounts is why YOU didn't get a beta code and I got 3!

LinuxGuru4999d ago

That's pretty inconsiderate, no matter what way you look at it.

LinuxGuru4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

The destruction in this game is a joke, compared to other titles.

This is a blatant ripoff of the geomod tech from the Red Faction series.

I won't be buying this game on ANY platform.


You blow holes in walls, and any debris from destruction disappears very quickly, and you can't even knock down whole buildings.

You should be able to blow the F*CK out of ANY structure in that game.

One of the most pathetic things I saw was a developer video on BB:BC, and he blew out the walls, and the single wall corner support was left if that was crysis I'd punch out that wall support and bring the building to its

MasterChief28294999d ago

It's a joke compared to other games? Are you serious? Hardly any games are this destructible.

Jinxstar4999d ago

Apparently form what I hear you can destroy whole buildings... It will take a tank round or 2 or a ton of grenades but it can be done. Are you in the beta? How do you know this? Not being c0cky just curious if you really know something I don't... Seriously the game looks "Fun" whats wrong with "Fun". Also they never said you can blow up "Everything" They said "Just about everything" BIG DIFFERENCE.

You don't have to buy it but many of us are getting a little tired of COD4(Just a little) and can't wait for a FPS this impressive. Graphics looks spot on. Pace seems sweet and gameplay is going to be totally different from anything we have seen yet. I can't wait. I wont mind not killing you bro =D no worries I'll kill the hordes of others around.

I don't mind a game with limits. I DL'd the demo for Condemned 2 yesterday. You know what for a guy who is as bad ass as he is. Able to take out hordes of undead and kill beastly monsters with his bare hands... Yet he can't seem to find a way to jump over a dumpster huh... All games have limits. It's fun playing with boundries. Imagine chess with limitless squares on the board... Rules keep it fun. Disagree if you like. If you want to rebuttle go ahead and reply to me and I will post it for you(I see your out of bubbles) once again not being c0cky just being honest here... It just seems to me like you have something again't this game and I can't see why....

ASSASSYN 36o4998d ago

It looks like SOMEBODY didn't get a beta key!

tony4998d ago

call of duty 4 still the multiplayer to beat. and it will be for a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.