Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Why Microsoft's console name game just doesn't add up

On Tuesday, before a roomful of panting games journalists and sore-thumbed enthusiasts, Microsoft unveiled its latest games console. The curtain was pulled, and the Xbox One was revealed. As gamers ruminated on the implications of the ’box (not hardcore enough? Better than the forthcoming PlayStation 4?), some of us were left confused.

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Software_Lover3774d ago

Stupid name.

End of story. Hell, Xbox Genesis would have been better. Maybe Sega could've gotten some trademark money lol.

andibandit3774d ago

Obviously the namer refers to all your needs in 1 box.......but at the moment it`s more like, all the fcukups in one box

blitz06233774d ago

The name is the least of this console's problems.

GuyThatPlaysGames3774d ago

It still sounds better than dumbass Xbox 720.

HammadTheBeast3774d ago

At least that sounds somewhat like a successor, idk where Xbone comes from.

Transporter473774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

they could of just named it X1, why Xbox One?

Transporter473774d ago

Well what about XOne? still shorter then Xbox One.

Sarobi3774d ago

All of the things they could of named it:
Xbox 720
Xbox 8
Xbox Fusion
Xbox Infinity
Xbox Durango

They picked.. ONE..

THamm3774d ago

XBOX Uno would have sounded better

Rageanitus3774d ago

Xbox Fusion should have been chosen honestly with what they were trying to market.

Dogswithguns3774d ago

Howabout Xbox Deal With It... ?!

thehitman3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I broke out in honest laughter and thought they were trolling when he said its called Xbox "One" then I seen his serious face and started laughing more. I wonder whom idea it was to stick with Xbox One... you dont name anything One especially when its not the first..

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