The Real Reason Microsoft Won't Bring Blu-ray to The Xbox 360 Revealed: HDi

Think HD DVD's loss means Microsoft is going Blu-ray for the Xbox 360?

Guess again.

Company executives may have already shot the notion down, but there's more to the story. With HD DVD, Microsoft had the opportunity to inject its own technology into the emerging high-definition video market. But now that the HD disc war is over, the company still has a viable group of HD video assets, including HDi and Xbox Live Marketplace.

If you take a close look at these assets, and consider their potential, it's clear why Microsoft is snubbing Blu-ray for the Xbox: The company is gearing up for another HD video assault.

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TriggerHappy3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

So basically, they are scared to take risk by ditching their HDi and going with Sony and their BD format ? Thats pretty lame. Either way, Sony wins for now.

NO_PUDding3955d ago

I think that's somehwat unfair.

I think HDi may be too useful even without the High Def standard. That's what was implied. I defintely don't think it's clever, but they can put all their hopes on the line with DLC, if they want. But I still insist that it doesn't make it any easier.

The closest thign to downloadable we need is Amazon. But I think kudos to Microsoft for having a backup plan like that. I just think they were prepared to lose the HD war, rather than aimign to win it. Why else would there be all these backup nets?

yesah3955d ago

idk, they were having 'talks' before about BR, maybe M$ didnt like sonys demands, could be all there is to it

godofthunder103954d ago

i've read an article a few days ago and it said that microsoft and sony are working together on a new system that will come out in 2011.i've read a lot of article about how sony has microsoft over a barrel and can charge microsoft any thing they want to use br and microsoft will have to pay it.the truth is that microsoft is a software company first and they could just stop making hardware any time they want and it want hurt them so sony doesn't have microsoft over a barrel but it could be the other is a hardware company and all most all of their products have a least 1 of microsoft software in them for exsample their computers,camers,video camers,and a few other products so if micro want to use br and sony would charge them more then the other companies then microsoft would just charge a lot more to sony to use their software.micro will probaly make sony pay more to make up the difference and a little more just to show that they can.
sony is a smart company and will never piss off microsoft by making them pay more for br if micro want to use it and if they try then sony knows that micro will never use it because micro really don't need br like a lot of other companies will because microsoft is a software company not a hardware like most of the other also knows that if they try to do it then microsoft could just stop sony from using all of their software in their products,so the way i see it sony needs micro more then micro needs if you sit down and think about it you will see what i'm saying is the truth and the people that disagree is just sony fans or just hate micro and can't give an unbias answer.

decapitator3955d ago

Interesting read.Well not comments from me, except that the author does make a good points with solid evidence to back them up.

meepmoopmeep3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

interesting article and i can see where MS is trying to go with it, but as i stand, DL movies are an alternative NOT a replacement. I would like to see them encode true HD audio and sound for download at reasonable size & speeds though.

they still need to lower their proprietary HDD's so more people can upgrade from 20GB because that surely isn't enough for their idea goal of DLC as the superior option.

Massacre3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

I doubt Microsoft will ever adopt blu-ray after dismissing it as a "historic phenomenon". I mean I understand companies say inappropriate things sometimes but after that comment, I cant see them adopting it.

ReBurn3955d ago

I think saying that DLC is an alternative and not a replacement is the correct assessment at this point. Things like the XBL marketplace are great when you want to watch a high-resolution movie without having to leave home. It's essentially a rental without having to leave home, much like pay-per-view.

Obviously collectors aren't going to support a transition to DLC, but I think it is a viable option for those that will watch a movie once and never again.

HarryEtTubMan3955d ago

Who cares they dont even have a choice but to put it in the next Xbox in 3 years.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33954d ago

In that photo hes saying...
HD-DVD is the FUTURE!!! ;-D
I want and always want my films on disc!
+Are you ever going to choke on that banana 'GETPWNT'! ;-D

Pain3954d ago

All the want is the ROYALTIES.

who has that post of the Owned things ms has in 360 like 10/12 things it owns. talk about greedy.

Lord Anubis3955d ago

it has been known for quite some time. HDi is less future rich than Blu-ray's BD-J but that made it simplistic for studios which liked it for that reason.

I really don't see how HDi benefit from download content but it would be like an application for every movie.

Downloadable content is much better off with something as robust as Java.

WeZz3955d ago

This is lame! Instead of Microsoft embracing the new Blu ray format and its Java-based BD-J platform they are once again trying to divide the industry. If they simply went with Blu ray they could have helped made unified interactive features between customers of both blu ray disc and Xbox live movies.