PLAY Reviews Viking: Battle for Asgard, Scores 9.5/10

Play Magazine Writes:

"There's been ample coverage of Sega's latest potential über franchise but little has been established about the game's infrastructure and overall flow. Seldom have I been so surprised by a review disc. Judging by what I'd seen prior (Sega wisely kept a tight lid on early code), I was expecting a linear action/adventure similar to Beowulf-which done right would certainly be welcome given the universe (they had me at Midgard), but I never dreamt that Viking would offer up an epic more along the lines of Fable... If this one doesn't launch a major franchise, then there's absolutely positively no justice in this world or Valhalla."

In summary:

"Fable with Vikings meets Kingdom Under Fire, only it's prettier and far better tuned than either."

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Rikitatsu4837d ago

but i knew Creative assembly won't disappoint !
they always make great games

there were some fools who compared this game with conan and Beowulf lol LOL!

sonarus4837d ago

lol yea like me. I didn't see this coming. Didn't even give this a second look.

games4fun4837d ago (Edited 4837d ago )

they dumbed down the graphics slightly to add a lot more enemies onscreen not to mention how it seemed to completely rip off of god of war you fight off bosses using the qte and some attacks couple that with the fact that the bosses are actually good bosses and that your able to switch around so easily as seen in the gameplay video you could go from one battlefield area to another in no time

also because its about vikings it creates a different time period/look to god of war to merit the feel of a new game even if it does steal from gow it does it right so they gave it a decent score

besides theres tons of blood who doesn't like that?

also its multiplatform so you cant hate on it like a fanboy would if it was an exclusive hint(heavenly sword)

yesah4836d ago

if in the game there were two massive armies running tword each other, swords drawn, and you were somewhere in the crowd....then bam they'd be game of the year.

Rattles4837d ago

ill wait till i see more of it i still dont know much at all, but if it is good i might pick it up :)

decapitator4837d ago

Yesss. I know am getting this game now. Looks awesome btw.

zakupilot2564837d ago

can you say Sleeper Hit? For little to no coverage then to a 9.5 is crazy. Well this beats Dark Sector for me, Viking it is.

BilI Gates4837d ago (Edited 4837d ago )

I wouldn't call it a sleeper hit just yet. Play Magazine gives every game they review an 8 or higher. I'll wait for more reviews before I make any final decisions about this one and I'd greatly suggest that you all do the same.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

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The story is too old to be commented.