Street Fighter Week: Ultra Combos

Eagle-eyed readers who've been checking out Games Radar's Street Fighter IV videos this week might have noticed a small, circular meter up next to the fighters' health bars. This new addition is the Revenge Meter, and it works a lot like the Super Meter at the bottom of the screen that enables your fighter to pull off devastating Super Combos when full. The difference is that you build up the Super Meter by beating up your opponent; the Revenge Meter builds up as you get beat up.

As soon as the Revenge Meter's halfway full, you can pull off an Ultra Combo, which is a lot like a Super Combo except that it looks much cooler, does a lot more damage and requires you to hit two buttons instead of just one.

Once Games Radar had seen one Ultra Combo, they had to see them for all 10 of the characters revealed so far. And once Games Radar had seen them all, they had to show them all to you.

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