Installing, buying, selling and sharing games on Xbox One: here's what we know

With each subsequent console generation there's an undercurrent of fear, a concern that this will be the cycle that finally kills off something many hold near and dear: the used game.

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Loki864075d ago

This a great breakdown that sheds light on some of the recent negative rumors and actually makes it approachable.

jujubee884075d ago

Meanwhile Ps4 can just play used games. That's the only thing people should be deducing.

Loki864075d ago

PS4 hasn't confirmed anything yet and has already purchased a patent to do similar DRM features on their console. They just haven't clarified anything yet. However, having your gaming library available anywhere at anytime is really cool.

SandWitch4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )


Sony confirmed that PS4 will not require internet connection and that it will not block used games



And they didn't purchase the patent, they registered it themselves

darthv724075d ago

technically, neither look to "block" used games. That is a general statement that both companies have pretty much affirmed.

the underlying details of how those used games are actually attainable has yet to surface. MS has said there would be a fee but did not specify the actual value. some speculate that it would be full retail price while it is undetermined if there would be a discount.

Sony has made no comment on if they would impose a used fee or if that would be up to the individual publishers. They did say that the use of an online checking system is at the discretion of the publishers as well.

bottom line...both still have yet to fully disclose the truth.

SatanSki4075d ago

@GynGa Yoshida was mumbling like drunken idiot. Doesnt he know english or was he intentionally unclear?

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Muerte24944075d ago

- Engadget fails to mention that to even start playing your game, you have to register it first. In order to register it, you NEED an internet connection.

-The console itself will not function without Kinect connected to it. This is somewhat like the Wii and the sensor bar, although, nowhere near as discrete. Ps4 might do the same though.

-We don't know if the money from purchasing used game through Microsoft goes to the developers or back into Microsoft's pocket.

denawayne4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

This is the way I'm interpreting it when it comes to playing on a friends console. You go to their house, sign in to your account, download the game, and now the game is associated with his system and he can play under his account just like your family can play your games on your system. You go home. Sign in and play ANY other game but the one you left on your friends system. Your friend will still be able to play that game you left. Once you want to play your game again, you will theoretically take the game back by starting the game up on your home system and take the license back. Now when your friend tries to play that game again, they will get a message asking them to buy it. Now if you think about this scenario, it is no different than taking your disk over there and either leaving it there or taking it back home.

Disagree, call me crazy, delusional, fanboy, what have you. It just makes sense.

darthv724075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

you are interpreting it slightly inaccurate. You have a point about taking your game to a friends house but when you sign in as yourself, the game is still associated to your gamer tag. not your friends.

they can play with you but you cant sign out and they still be able to play it. The game is still assigned to you.

i interpret it like this. You install the game, it gets tagged to your account and any account that resides on the same unit can play it as well. Very much like what the 360 does now with purchased games/content.

When you recover your tag on another unit, you have access to your content but the original license is still on the original unit that you installed it to. It is said that you can install a game twice (perhaps like Pc games and their licensing) so if you do install the game to a second unit, the game is still tied to your account.

Now here is the part that hasnt been explained. Will there be an option to deactivate an instance of the game so it can be reactivated elsewhere? Like in a case of the PSP and PSVita. you activate those units on your account and you have a limit as to the number of active units on your account.

in my case, i have 2 PSP (1000 and GO) and a recent PS Vita. i had to deactivate one of my PSP's and thus the games that were installed to the MS were no longer playable, in order to activate my vita. I happen to have games on my PSP that cant be played on the vita (not yet supported) so thankfully i still have another PSP to transfer them to.

So there is a layer of hardware activation in place that corresponds to the software. I'd like to know if that will be the case for both the xb1 and Ps4. What if something happens to your system? What if you need to get it repaired....does that invalidate the install and can you get the game reactivated on a replacement unit?

those are some of the more compelling questions that should be answered.

MasterCornholio4075d ago

When does borrowing a game to a friend have to be so complicated?

BTW your friend will have access to your account and you cant use yours while he's using it.

Motorola RAZR i

denawayne4075d ago

@darthv72 - Thanks for not calling me crazy. I've been posting about this topic trying to have rational conversations but it seems everybody knows exactly what MS is doing and my suggestions are unheard of. I'm just trying to make sense of it instead of getting all uptight about something we don't have all the facts for.

I don't think they will have access to your account as long as you sign out before you leave. I very well could be wrong about leaving the license on their system until you recover it back.

@MasterCornholio - Why is this any different than taking your disc to their house? Maybe more tedious because they have to download the game but that could be done beforehand.


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