10 Most Addicting Games

When coming up with this list of the top 10 Most Addicting Games, we had to put aside whether or not these games were any good. We had to ditch common likes and dislikes and judge games based only on how many hours they’ll suck away from your life. Some of these games are massive AAA hits, while others are throwaway titles that were packaged with operating systems. It just proves that you don’t need a huge budget to dominate a gamer’s life. Put down the controller and read our list of the 10 Most Addicting Video Games.

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nugnugs2909d ago

I've held it in too long and I'm sorry if this upsets anyone but.....THE WORD IS ADDICTIVE. ADDICTIVE.

shinobi892909d ago

I agree, but Google trends does not. So addicting wins over addictive. Blame the internet. lol

nugnugs2909d ago

Oh that Google. So what about the word Distinctive. Is that Distincting in the US?
My personal favourite is, instead of being Burgled, the Americans are Burglarized!?