Need for Speed Rivals get a teaser trailer

LGN "EA has released a teaser trailer for the next instalment in its racing franchise Need for Speed; titled Need for Speed: Rivals, it is being developed by Ghost Games for release on current generation platforms on 19 November, while Xbox One and PS4 will get the game next year."

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Triforce0792004d ago

I thought criterion said wiiu will get all our games ????

famoussasjohn2004d ago

" it is being developed by Ghost Games "

GamingManiac2004d ago

It better have deeper fucking car customization this time!!

Retroman2004d ago

it better not be like the Run,criterions need for burnout speed. first thing i've notice was drifting im like oh hell no not another burnout style racing SHIT!!!

GamingManiac2003d ago

Word, I want a pure and simple 100% remake of the underground games.

Newmanator2004d ago

Drive Club
Forza 5
NFS Rivals
[Project CARS]

Never seen so many car games come out at once in my life!

nick3092004d ago

WE WANT BURNOUT PARADISE 2 not nfs......, stop mllking it )::::::

nix2004d ago

i miss PS2 Burnout Paradise games with offline mp races with your friends.


HARSHNFS1996d ago

They are funded for it!!! There are more and more growing fans of NFS!

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The story is too old to be commented.