HaloRadar: Craziest Stunts - Part 3

Halo frags are like snowflakes - each one is unique and beautiful in its own special way. Some kills, however, are a hell of a lot more special than others.

If you watched Games Radar's first or second Craziest Stunt collections, you know exactly what they mean. Some players snipe; others snipe through two heads simultaneously. Some players hijack a vehicle; others hijack a Banshee in midair after leaping out of a Warthog (also in midair!) Some players die; others kill themselves spectacularly with orange traffic cones or elaborate Mouse Trap-like death machines.

Here are the latest additions to that elite and extraordinary Hall of Fame.

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Breakfast3953d ago

Id recommend everyone watch the third video one the first page...that crap had me crackn up

I think all the ways you can get kills in halo 3 is the biggest draw to the game. Nothings better then aiming at one dude shooting him - have the bullet bounce off a wall - and snipe a guy on the turret on a elephant. And not knowing how it happened you watch the video in the theatre and laugh your ass off.