Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Box Art And Collector’s Edition and PS3 Details Leaked

Today seems to be a big day for Square Enix, and people suspect we’re going to get a firm release game for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. How do they know? Two major leaks just happened.


The release date is out, together with the actual box art, full pricing and collector's edition and preorder details. Find em here.

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ThatCanadianGuy5142068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Played it first on PC at release and it was garbage.Figured i'd wait for PS3 to try the revamp but they keep hinting at PS4 port too so i don't know what to do.

Wish they would just say yes PS4 port in the future.

Edit: Yeah i know.But i lost my gaming rig (And mostly everything else) in a house fire months back.All i have is my work laptop now.Sucks.

Abriael2068d ago

If your PC managed to hold the original game, it'll run the new one with no problems, besides, you're already set to get the PC version for free.

Crystallis2068d ago

Buy the collectors. Abriael, you still buying the ps3 versions?

SexyGamerDude2068d ago

I never played this one. Can someone tell me why it was so poorly received?

raWfodog2068d ago

Various gameplay mechanics and the interface made the original game almost unbearable to play.

More info:


A Realm Reborn seems to be the game that everyone was waiting for/expecting.

Myst2068d ago

Also damn that sucks about the house fire good thing you are still okay though.

Abriael2068d ago

Ouch mate, that really does suck, sorry to hear that.

@Crystallis: nah, I'll play on PC :D My PS3 is right by the side of my PC so it's not like I'd get to play it on the couch anyway.

Crystallis2068d ago

so you are currently playing it now correct?

raWfodog2068d ago

I hope you and your family (and no one else) was hurt or injured. Keep your head up.

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ashiksorel2068d ago

Nice Boxart and glad this will be on the PC too.

Myst2068d ago

yay we are getting ever closer to a release date.

Skate-AK2068d ago

I have been waiting to try the PS3 beta since I got my code with FF13 haha.

Pyrrhus2068d ago

Having a hard time deciding between playing this or waiting for Wildstar.

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