12 Tiny Details We Love in Street Fighter IV

You're going to want to play Street Fighter IV. Duh, right? It's a hugely anticipated game, the latest in a beloved series, and it's shaping up to be really, amazingly, satisfyingly good. The thing is, Games Radar have spent several hours with the game at this point and they can honestly say you're going to want to spend a lot of time just watching it too. There's a level of artistry here that's all too rare in today's games, and many of its most subtle details will be lost on you if you're constantly struggling to avoid a massive shoryuken to the face.

As evidence, Games Radar hereby submit this list of a dozen superficial things they noticed as they watched Street Fighter IV being played. None of this affects gameplay in any way - it's all just nice graphical and design touches - but it's cool stuff anyhow. Games Radar got most of it on video, but it's sometimes hard to see so they hope you'll keep an eye out for it once you get your hands on the final game.

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