Top Five Xbox 360 Games of Spring 2008

Big hardware problems aside, Microsoft's Xbox 360 had the best line-up of games last year with Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect and much more. But that was last year. 2008 will be critical for the Xbox 360 as many are projecting the console to finish behind the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 in terms of worldwide hardware sales. Fortunately for Microsoft, their spring line-up is as strong as their competitors. Here are the top five Xbox 360 games of the spring.

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chaosatom3333866d ago

does may count as spring?

meepmoopmeep3866d ago

yes it does, so does the first 2 weeks of June.

poopface13866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

where is NG2. They forgot the best xbox 360 game that there will ever be.

mikeslemonade3866d ago

Too Human will not come out during Spring 2008, so this list has no xbox 360 exclusives.

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pwnmaster30003866d ago

one exclusive the rest multiplatform oh wait they got dlc for gtaIV oh yeah so is better when we ps3 owner get 2 games exclusivly for ps3 and a couple of dlc, but not like urs mighty xbots hahahahaha

JasonPC360PS3Wii3866d ago

GTA IV might as well be exclusive to the 360, because everything else regarding GTA IV is. That is of course if you and Sony can magically
poof $50 million in exclusive content out of your ass.

No... well then I guess it's safe to assume GTA IV is all Xbox :)

pwnmaster30003866d ago

why because you got dlc is that all guys ever. thats an extra that M$ payed $50 million. wow ms must be desperate to fork over $50 million just for dlc, beacuse they kno they cant compete with ps3 this year and you kno who gives a shiit about dlc 100 hours is good enough for me and with 2 exclusive not dlc exclusive

MiniMii3866d ago

The wii has a better line up than the 360.

Smash bros > anything seen on the 360

TriggerHappy3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Well good thing is just an opinion of that site because if this was true for all 360 owners, it wouldn't be good news at all.

thabook3866d ago

Fortunately for Microsoft, their spring line-up is as strong as their competitors.

they mean as strong as the wii's line-up

mighty_douche3866d ago

1 exclusive? MS need to pump out some more software.

ElementX3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Who cares about that? If you're like me and own multiple consoles, it doesn't matter. Anyway, people who are deciding upon PS3 or the 360 might go with the Arcade 360 in Europe because of the lower price tag and most of the same games as PS3. Also, people deciding upon either Wii or Arcade might get the Arcade because it has high def games.

BTW quit being a goddamn fanboy douche. I guess your name says it all...

CrazzyMan3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

MGS4 on PS3.
500k PS3 during week of MGS4 releases.

Cheaper is not always better.

p.s. yeah, all systems will have GREAT games this year, and ALL owners will have GREAT time with any system they OWN.
BUT NEW customers will go for exclusives. And in 2008 BEST exclusives has PS3. So and in 2009, 2010, 2011 and etc.

It`s DONE.
2007 - year of Blu-ray.
2008-2015 - years of gaming on PS3.

If you don`t believe in Sony(released 2 most popular consoles), then you are just hater.

And some people think that you need to have both ps3 and x360, well if you DON`T enjoy PC gaming, then you really SHOULD, BUT if you want to play on PC games like starcraft 2 -> then your choice SHOULD be PC+PS3.

consolewar3866d ago

I admire your enthusiasm or do I?

mintaro3866d ago

wat exlusives are coming in 2010, 2011?

dragunrising3866d ago

both the ps3 and xbox have similar line ups for the spring. Summer and fall should sport more exclusives for both.

theredfoxisquick3865d ago

Yeah that's why you have a ps3 as well

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