Xbox One: A middle finger to the gamer

mii-gamer writes:

If you happened to miss the biggest news of the week, Microsoft’s Next gen console has been announced rightfully calling Xbox One. The philosophy behind the name and the machines is that the console will be an “all in one system”. In other words, the only entertainment system you need, that is, if you believe in PR rhetoric.

The Xbox One reveal could not have gotten any worst. For a lack of a better word, this was a whopping [email protected] up by Microsoft. I’ll be impartial as much as possible, but nothing can explain the anger I have towards Microsoft. I have to be brutally honest; I am not liking the Xbox One.

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BigFnHooters3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

What is bizarre about the whole Xbox One fiasco is not the reaction of Xbox owners giving up on Microsoft. It's that it took this long for them to do so.

It's like Microsoft has spent the last decade seeing just how far they can treat their customers like crap:

* Pulling the plug on the first Xbox years early screwing leaving owners and developers

* Knowingly shipping defective hardware out the door and denying any problem existed for a year and a half with the Xbox 360

* Gimping the Xbox 360 with a last gen storage format making the 360 the only console in history to ever have shipped with a format smaller than the previous gen

* The disc scratching/destroying drives in the Xbox 360

* The forced online fees adding hundreds of dollars to the base price of the console

* The closing down of almost all of their internal core game studios and replacing them with casual shovelware developers

* Pissing off the only developer that really matters for the Xbox, Bungie, to the point that they left Microsoft

* Three straight years of almost nothing but casual motion control crap at E3

But now the Xbox One fiasco is the final straw?

DecoyOctopus3547d ago

movies, tv what more could you ask for? oh its a console?

Brucis3547d ago

They used to be tolerable early on. Believe it or not but the 360 actually seemed more game-centric than the PS3 the first 2-4 years. There were exclusives, Xbox Live indie games, Xbox Live Arcade games, Achievements, cross-game party chat, a single online handle/nickname for all your games. They used to be able to say 'Our pluses outweigh our minuses.'

They used to be good for gamers, even though they had their faults.

Boody-Bandit3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

BFH, after reading what you wrote, being a 360 fan I've been the past several years, I have to confess that everything you said is spot on. I myself have purchased 10 360 consoles this generation. I am one of those fools that was hoping the new revisions made would be the one that stopped breaking down and ran more efficient. I currently own 5 360s.

You did leave out one part. Batteries and recharge packs for controllers. I can't even begin to list how many I have laying around the house and the cost on top of it.

Although we are slow learners I have a tidbit of information to share. I have talked to, text, facebook or emailed a ton of gamers I know. Not ONE of them (all adult gamers) are getting the XBOX ONE. Most of us own peripherals (wheels, fight sticks, custom controllers, gaming headphones, etc) and MS has made it clear none of them will work with the X1. *I might just ditch my wheel (CSR Elite) now while I can still get good coin for it.*

I am not starting over from scratch again and having to shell out all that coin all over again making my collection obsolete.

That and them not supporting used games requiring an almost constant connection and too many other restrictions to list? Enough is enough. MS might replace guys like me with TV goers but in the end this is going to hurt them. They are doing nothing for this industry or their original consumer base.

They can go kick rocks.
I'm moving on without them since it's obvious they are moving in a different direction from their core base.

Darrius Cole3547d ago

Hey man, something had to be the last straw.

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Ezio20483547d ago

I bet Sony is gonna show an even bigger middle finger to MS at upcoming E3.

The Meerkat3547d ago

It will more of a Tea Bagging.

first1NFANTRY3547d ago

lol the title made me fall out of bed while reading it.

Although the title should be renamed "Xbox One: A middle finger to the xbox gamer".

Krew_923547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I don't know I've seen a lot of "Xbox gamers" defend this console till their dying breath. Some people just get hyped for anything new.

Although I know this is only a select amount of people, there do exist some that have had it with Microsoft's shenanigans.

Come to think of it though, most people defending it, that I at least know of in real life, didn't know the little things. Such as the charge for used games, always on Kinect and such.

outsider16243547d ago

E3 Champions League Final
Playstation vs Xbox

..Final Score- 4-1

G20WLY3547d ago

Final score: Xbox One - PS Won


Sharius3547d ago

like MS said: xbox, go home

seriously, that xbone, is the aabomination of gaming industry

let's the newcomer in, i hope that is streambox, no, don't get me wrong, i don't use any of valve service at all, but i like the way it did for these consumes

the competition between PSN and stream will make gamming become better and better

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