Warhawk Contest Winners Plus v1.3 Trailer

Dylan Jobe, Game Director of Warhawk, writes on the PlayStation.Blog:

"Most of our readers and Warhawk aficionados know that we recently held a contest for players in the US to submit their own insignias and aircraft paint schemes. The response was fantastic and we received a ton of entries. Thus why it has taken us so damn long to review them all, then pick the winners, contact them, and secure all the paper work required by our lawyers.

Welp… the winners are now selected and integrated with the upcoming Warhawk v1.3 update!

Before we reveal the new designs, why don't you take a gander at this brand new v1.3 trailer and get hyped up for the awesomeness that these new designs will be flying around in:"

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Clinton5144498d ago

But some of those aren't bad. Other are a little plain. The icons are better though. Can't wait.

ps. I'm trying to put together the Broken Mirror Puzzle now. :)

Lord Anubis4498d ago

Did you submit any?

I was working on one skin but i never finished it. :(

Clinton5144497d ago

So I never did submit anything.

PSWe604498d ago

This game continues to ROCK!

whoelse4498d ago

April 2nd. Isnt this update have home integration... there's another rumor about home, this time April 1st. The PSN is also supposed to get an overhaul 'early part of April'.


StormSoldier4497d ago

damn i hope i get my ps3 back in time for the patch its gonna be pretty boring waiting to get it back from sony.Damn thing would work with hdmi cables and with all other picture was bad ..

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The story is too old to be commented.