FYI, The Xbox One Voice Commands Weren't in Real-time

IGN: "You put your left hand in, your put your left hand out..."

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Donnieboi3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

The ridiculously sad news that keeps coming out about this "console" and it's weak reveal just keeps growing with each passing hour. SMH -_-.

MS really screwed it up at that reveal.

dedicatedtogamers3119d ago

But wait for E3.

Right? Right?

Please be excited. I'm begging you.

LOL_WUT3119d ago

This isn't the first time it's happened ;)

Arai3119d ago

@ Dedicated

This came to mind reading your comment:

It's one thing after another with this console though, like a never ending nightmare.

Cupid_Viper_33119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Ironically, there exist a troll on these forums named "Neverending".

I'll let ya'll guess which company he blindly supports.

This "ONE" never ending nightmare is exactly what the you boys deserve. It's one thing to be fooled once with the Original Xbox after they abrubtly dropped all support. It's an entirely different thing to be fooled twiced or up to 8-9 times with the XBOX 360 and the RROD, plust paying for Xbox Live Yearly,and Kinect and $500,000,000.00 in advertising for it.

I mean, what did you guys think was going to happen? A company would invest countless millions in RD and manufacturing, plus another half a billion dollar on advertising a device midway through a console cycle, and then just DROP IT comes next gen? guys defending all the fake and staged presentation and demonised and labeled anyone who spoke up about it. And now this is EXACTLY what you guys deserve.

You guys did the exact same thing when rumors mentioned that Kinect 2 would be required, and Always Online and all the other BS. You guys defended all of that very passionately...and now look....

Made your bed, now lay down and take a power nap.

MasterCornholio3119d ago

I wonder how much they will fake in E3.

Be prepared for fake Kinect demos again...,

abzdine3119d ago

i have been hammering this message all the time before their conference. "Beware of the pre-recorded stuff and ask yourself if that's really a live demo or NOT"

bicfitness3119d ago

Do keep in mind that some Kinect sports shit was just trademarked. So you can cross one of those "15 Exclusives!" (for hardcore gamers) off the list.

The whole system is a mess, from message to execution. It needs to flop, and hard, so that the market can get back to a healthy state.

Diver3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

If you think the Microsoft employees, er, I mean the crowd was loud then jus wait until peeps an kids is talking and you are trying to do voice commands at home.

Wait until you are trying to have a conversation with your wife and give voice commands. Guess what? You won't. That whole voice command biz is for kids alone or dorm rooms. Its a noveltan something people will tire of real quick.

But MS specializes in marketing so get ready for the blitz. You are going to see the Xbone pushed on CNN, Forbes, an anywhere else that isn't mainstream gaming because gamers are not the target audience.

MS sees the gamer audience as too small. They want to be in homes that aren't gamer houses. Its why the Xbone wasn't built specifically for gamers. In MS eyes non gamer families matter more.

JoySticksFTW3119d ago

It's a feeding frenzy now

At it began before this reveal when all those nasty rumors and leaks came out, and took on a life on their own. And MS refused to respond or clarify things.

Now the backlash and hate is snowballing out of control and everything MS does is now met with skepticism. And I think rightfully so.

It's like the PS3 launch and Son'y get a second job arrogance. I love PS game franchises, but I don't blame gamers for gettign ticked off at them years ago.

But now MS has fallen into that same trap it seems with - deal with it and if you want bc then you're backwards - comments.

MS really needs to kill it at E3, but I have little confidence in that with the way they've neglected core gamers for the past few years.

And as was pointed out, MS goes first at E3 and Sony - with their proven 1st party studios - gets to go last ready to counter. And Sony still hasn't revealed the console yet, which now looks a like a brilliant move to build hype.

MS was definitely caught off guard by PS4's reveal, and it showed with the way they tried to gloss over specs with a very generic "8gb of ram" announcement with no specifics. It's like MS are dodging and damage controlling ever since their reveal.

They're acting like they have something to hide or are not being upfront, which is just adding more fuel to the fire every passing moment.

Gazondaily3119d ago

How immature are you guys? Seriously?

Use your common sense. MS said that the games would be revealed at E3 prior to the X1 reveal.

So grow up and yes, do wait for E3. I expect this kind of nonsense from uni-bubble trolls....

JoySticksFTW3119d ago

Funny you should call people immature Septic and tell people to wait until E3, but you fail to recognize that some gamers have legit concerns over MS' direction that stems far beyond the reveal.

It's been YEARS now that MS has been making a sustained push towards towards the casual market while leaving core gamers hanging.

And many of the top guys that made the 360 the cool core gamer's machine have slowly slipped away.

This the first outing of the Xbone was a chance for MS to let fans know that their concerns were heard loud and clear, but instead it was all about tv, sports, and mega titles that the competition will get anyways.

Now Xbone needs to "win" core gamers' trust back with an exciting grandslam of a games showing at E3, but the biggest bullets are titles that many are becoming fatigued by. So MS has to rely on new and/or unproven studios to back their hits with fun new IP's. Oh, and win back the indie dev community as well.

And on top of that, many gamers are skeptical with how long it will take for MS to pull the plug on core titles for Xbone as they did with 360.

And then there's the Xbone was touted to replace the cable box, but really is just going to daisy chain with it, the not always connected but mandatory 24 hrs internet connection check that they can't seem to get their stories straight, and other details that they are dodging.

Fans have every right to be cautious and more importantly complain before E3. In fact, MS said that they're watching fan reaction to the reveal carefully, so maybe COMPLAIN LOUDER.

Immaturity is being intolerant and insulting towards other gamers' concerns.

RIP_Weazel3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Really? Using "Unibubble" as an insult?!
How your words must wound them!!tsk.

Anon19743119d ago

I just don't understand the "Oh, wait for E3!" comments. Have those guys been asleep for the past 3 years? Microsoft hasn't delivered a decent E3 in at least the past 3, why the hell would they reverse course now? It's been all multi-console games, Kinect and Smartglass and then they either cram in Gears, Halo or Call of Duty.

Seriously, Microsoft is clearly salivating at the prospect of taking over the TV in the US. They aren't going to back down. E3 will have demos of the TV/Sports nonsense, Kinect nonsense, Skype nonsense while using the Tv/sports/Kinect nonsense and then they'll show a Call of Duty demo and crow about how Xbox One users will get content early. In there we'll probably get some pre-rendered Forza stuff and multiplatform game montage.

Mark my words. If you think we'll see anything else, you haven't been paying attention the past 3 years.

JokesOnYou3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Yeah sure just like all the sonyfanboys on this post from some guy on twitter

"Xbox Live hacked, 48 Million Users Exposed"

1 hour ago - Bad news for all Xbox fans, a couple minutes ago Xbox Live has been hacked and more than 48 million user exposed. | Rumor | Xbox 360
Discuss (126)

Answer this simple question: Why in the world would they have the presenter on stage so obviously have to click something in his pocket? They could easily have someone off stage or in the back clicking for him?

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PSVita3119d ago

In the Adam ssesler interview he ask if the presentation was in real time and the MS speaker respond with a near presidential word dance around the question. He does the same with the question about always on too. And DRM and well I guess EVERYTHING.

Braid3119d ago

Of course it wasn't real time. They can't afford a mistake on live stage. It's a crowded, noisy place, with lost of other electronic devices working. I belive that increases the error rate drastically, so they go pre-recorded just to be cautious.

Remember how the Wiimote didn't work as it should back at the Skyward Sword presentation in 2010? That happens.

3119d ago
PSVita3119d ago

You know I actually do understand all of that BUT when your asked whether it was real or not and you beat around the bush, that's wrong. We've seen it before with their MILO, original kinect and Star Wars kinect presentations. It's too the point were their lying about how accurate and how well something will work.

Braid3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Do I look like I'm defending something? Geez, N4G..

I'm stating the OBVIOUS, before you hit the disagree button. Companies DO NOT generally do live presentations, the ACT like they're doing it live. Otherwise you may put yourself into hilarious positions and allow the emergence of new internet memes. I don't think ANY company wants to be remembered that way.

I don't support pre-recoreded shows, nor do I care about anything they show on stage. I usually go with the "have to see for myself" approach and I advise you do the same.


Yeah, they sometimes beat around the bush, another common practice in gaming/technology industry.

Blackdeath_6633119d ago

"They can't afford a mistake on live stage." the whole conference was a bloody mistake

Braid3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )


I personally agree. No first party game announcements, no actual gameplay demo, no spesific details about the hardware, and an emphasis on the TV function which will not be enjoyed worldwide at all, followed by bad news bombarded left and right about how the console will function right after the show.

That's simply "how to annoy gamers 101" for you. They'll have to redeem themselves at E3 or else I think they'll be losing a fair share of their userbase to the competitors. Let's wait and see how it goes.

MariaHelFutura3119d ago

Braid, Having a pre-recorded demo while demoing a motion device is sketchy as hell. Especially when Kinect seemed to be what the Xbox One is primarily centered around.

torchic3119d ago

I knew from the moment I saw it that it wasn't real time, it was obvious.

that however, does not make it right.

negative3119d ago


The Sony Fanboyism has reached epic levels!!!

Why you so scared??????

Because Xbox ALWAYS beats Playstation. ALWAYS.

See you at E3 chumps.

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GamerzElite3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I have doubt that all things happened in realtime! when he said a command like "XBOX:Go Home" Xbox respond that time, and he continuously talking on stage in front of console, and using "XBOX" word 100 times but that time XBox doesn't respond. WHY? They never show a working console to Journalist, They show XBox kept on table.

kneon3119d ago

To be fair it was difficult conditions under which to demo voice control. It's possible he had a remote to enable the kinect mic only when needed to avoid such issues. Or the whole thing was faked since kinect probably wouldn't work well with all the background noise in such a big room.

Why o why3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Told people earlier. More smoke and mirrors. Ms just keep giving right about now.

This has to go down as the worst console reveal evar evar evaaaaar

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

XBOX: Go to amazon!!
XBOX: Purchase ps4!!
XBOX:1 day shipping.
XBOX: ur awsome for at least one thing.

ginsunuva3119d ago

Don't forget:

XBOX: Self-Destruct

zerocrossing3119d ago

Can't really say I'm shocked thb, I mean when hasn't MS staged events during their conferences?.

Not that I'm giving MS a pass on this, quite the contrary, if you're going to put on display the abilities of a console then it better bloody well be in real-time otherwise how can we trust we'll actually get what we see?.

MYSTERIO3603119d ago

It just keeps getting better for MS /s

JokesOnYou3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Uhm because some guy thinks its not real time then he must be using a clicker. lol, why in the world would they have the presenter on stage so obviously have to click something in his pocket? They could easily have someone off stage advancing the slides?

Of course any nonsense with no substantiation is approved on n4g...if this was about sony every one of you would be screaming prove it, lies, lies, lies. I don't even know what this guy is talking about he gives commands also with his hands out of his pockets and you mean to tell me he has to hit the clicker then it works 2 seconds later as he makes the snap gesture. lol BS!

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Majin-vegeta3119d ago

Family watching tv on xbox 1

Son:xbox search PAWN Stars

Xbox:searching for pornstars

Son:No not porn stars i said pawn...ahh crap forget it everyone out of he room quick.

GamersRulz3119d ago

What Will happen In 2013:
(XBOX ONE in Room of arguing couple)

man: I didn't do that..

Woman: f**ck you

Xbox: open porn site lol

Ezio20483119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Brother, BUBBLESSSS for you!!
Unfucking believable..!! :D:D:D:D
And being Majin Vegeta, Your joke was indeed over 9000..!! :P

Bumpmapping3119d ago

LOLOLOLOL! Say Hi 2 Betamax for us Xbox One lulz.

Godmars2903119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

And if you've seen the Kinect 2.0 demos you'll know there's still lag issues.

Just considering how the cheering audience turned out to be MS employees, how is it not a surprise that everything was as staged?

And what happens if their E3 presentation has issues? Or is that going to be more about appearance than authenticity?

Relientk773119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

If you watch it and watch the voice command parts its obvious he's putting his hand in his pocket to click a remote changing the screens, its not following his voice at all