Top 5 Most Unusual RPGs That Were Great

There are a bunch of RPGs out there, and a good deal of them are actually pretty decent. Face it when you follow the winning formula pioneered by Final Fantasy it's pretty hard to screw things up. Tales, Lost Odyssey, Fable; all of these games have definitely found that comfort zone where they know exactly what they are doing, how they are going to do it, and why it's going to be awesome.

But what about the RPGs that aren't so traditional? Believe it or not, there are RPGs out there (American and Japanese) that have strayed from the path set by Final Fantasy to forge their own unique gameplay/story. Here are's top five most unusual RPGs that were awesome.

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Big Jim4496d ago

The greatest RPG of all time is "Destiny of an Emperor" for the original NES. Nothing else can come even close to touching it.

TheKungFool4496d ago

For either "Valkyrie Profile"[PSone]or "Vagrant Story"[PSone]?

Both were more "unusual" for their time than anything else on that list in my opinion, with Valkyrie Profile using its 2D side-scrolling settings when 3D was all the rage, and Vagrant Story having such a unique combat and item creation system. And what about "Morrowind" being the first truly open-ended console RPG?

My list would look as such:

5. Mario RPG [SNES]
4. Ogre Battle [PSone, SNES, N64]
3. Vagrant Story [PSone]
2. Valkyrie Profile [PSone]
1. Morrowind [Xbox]

TwissT4495d ago

I remember Hack. It was an awesome game, but the anime it was based on was totally weird.

mavent4495d ago

Shadowrun for SEGA Genesis

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