Samsung announces world's thinnest 8 megapixel cellphone module

Measuring just 8.5-mm thin, you're looking at what Samsung claims to be the slimmest CMOS camera module of its kind. The 8 megapixel module is expected to supplant the 5 megapixel job found in todays top-end cameraphones sometime in the second half of the year. Fortunately, this isn't just a case of megapixel marketing as the module also features anti-shake, a 1-cm macro, and face tracking technology. It also packs a smile shutter feature to snap that picture just as soon as a smile, or vinegar, is detected.

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BloodySinner4496d ago

Gotta' love technology...

neogeo4496d ago

I wonder why Samsung phones break alot? They are such a great company and #2 in the word of chip makers. not all there phones but alot.

The A437 is trash
The Sync has problems.
the Blackjack 1 had lots of problems but they seem to have fixed the BJ2

The a737 is great. Almost as good as the Sony W580i. In some ways better due to the quicker processer and softer keys.

FirstknighT4496d ago

Perfect camera for perverts.

robep34496d ago

Got yours on order then!!!!!


Chuck Norris4496d ago

This is a good reason not to buy a new phone this year. The newer models that are about to come out only carry a 5 megapixel cam, same as last year's models. Next year's batch should already include this module.