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Mainstream Media Reacts to the Xbox One

Mark Serrels: "It’s bizarre. On my Twitter feed ( ), in the Kotaku comments and from what I've heard from people involved in the games industry, the reaction the Xbox One reveal has been overwhelmingly negative. But the mainstream media? They seem to have missed the memo.

While we've been spending the last five hours complaining about the lack of new titles and issues with used games, they’ve been praising the design, the ethos and—yes—the games.

Are gamers living in some weird echo chamber? Execs at the Microsoft event in the US believe the reaction has been mostly positive. Aaron Greenberg mentioned to Kotaku Editor Stephen Totilo that Twitter’s reaction to Xbox One was roughly 40% positive, 40% indifferent, 20% negative. When I heard this I almost burst into laughter - that can't be possible. But then I did a brief check of multiple different mainstream media outlets - how had they reacted to the Xbox One news?

The answer may surprise you.

Are we the 20%?"

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Philoctetes4076d ago

Hardcore gamers like us are in the minority, but we're the early adopters and the people who establish buzz around this sort of tech. Microsoft is just whistling past the graveyard if they think they can alienate actual gamers and still successfully market a gaming console.

Qrphe4076d ago

Mainstream media doesn't know about all the negative attributes of the console because Microsoft has not officially talked about them. You can bet Fox News will talk about the Xbox and how it infringes upon the rights of Americans once Americans start complaining about used games, Kinect spying, etc.

dedicatedtogamers4076d ago

Hahah, I didn't think of this, but you're probably right. I also imagine a lot of "fringe" commenters like Alex Jones (isn't that his name?) who think the government is after them are going to raise a big stink about the Kinect watching you.

MasterCornholio4075d ago

I can imagine a lot of lawsuits coming from this which is why Microsoft has to inform consumers sooner or later about the negative aspects of the XBONER.

Its like selling an MMO game that requires a subscription and not putting anything on the box that says that.

Christopher4076d ago

***In a sense mainstream media reports err on side of caution, particularly when it comes to products they don’t quite understand, but I found it difficult to find a single negative comment.***

It's a major Microsoft project being reported on stations or sites that rely a lot on Microsoft ad revenue.

You're not going to hear any bad press from major sources unless it's already mainstream. Kind of like how Apple bad press didn't get reported by mainstream media until it was already mainstream.

cyguration4076d ago

Dang,'s nice to see admins on here talking honestly about media slants.

Totally agree.

I would also add that there were no negative comments because most mainstream media reports were from "tech enthusiast" not people necessarily informed about video game tech, just as that comment from The Sun remarks "glorious" footage of Forza 5 even though it was all CG. They were just going through the ropes as advertorialists.

Donnieboi4076d ago

I don't give a damn what mainstream media thinks. Mainstream media is a handful of people compared to the millions of potential customers who must do the ACTUAL purchasing.

Christopher4076d ago

Mainstream media controls most people who buy things. While you may not care about them, they do affect practically everything that comes out in today's market. This is more true in the U.S. than most other places.

akbennyewu4076d ago

Its the same mainstream media that overwhelmingly bombards and desensitizes those millions of consumers you speak of.

Donnieboi4076d ago

@cgoodno and akbennyewu:

You guys are right. That's why I think that Sony needs to not only advertise the reasons why people should buy a PS4, but also show people why getting an Xbox One is a scam (if u wan't gaming, as opposed to a second-rate cable box).

VoiceMale4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

there it is again...just like the article says u r the first commenter right on time digging out some way to turn anything positive to something negative there is never face value with anything with u guys....

with ur logic of early adopters being the core gamers then.who bought the Wii early?was it the core? I mean c'mon give it rest for a few days....yea I like Xbox but do I have to hate on ps or Nintendo while am at it?no it gives me no more leverage over ur preferences...I challenge u look at my history I never once posted anything negative about ps or Nintendo and its not cause I don't have things things about them I don't like but like my grandmother used to say to me"if u don't have anything good to say at all don't saying anything at all "

we used the word gamer as if our preferences should exceed that of any other person's like that keeps economics of a business alive....u ppl.don't get it core gamers alone.can't keep a console alive to remain profitable....

the market has changed so has gaming its no longer about us core gamers alone...heck the first Nintendo was directed at families living room entertainment NES(Nintendo entertainment system) Key word 'entertainment' not gaming was called famicom in Japan
my point is this the market at that time was not about gaming but entertainment and as gaming became more mainstream gaming was the focus like ps1....well now the market has changed some and like or not core gamers alone will not get it done at the end of the day...
u know what keeps the world centered?balance nothing is sustainable without balance.....too much of one thing is good for nothing...everything needs balance

BlmThug4075d ago

We hardcore gamers are, sadly, in the minority :( atleast Sony still recognises and focuses on us.

Statix4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Wii U was/is supposed to be the universally beloved machine for casuals, the mainstream media, and the whole family. Didn't exactly help the sales too much, did it?

All these tepid expressions of enthusiasm by the "mainstream media" don't matter a whole lot if the intent to ultimately purchase the system by said group isn't there.

But who knows. Maybe the general public really is as dumb, gullible, and ill-informed as we think they are, and will buy the latest Xbox and latest Kinect regardless of their (good and bad) features. These are people that probably thought all that crowd cheering in the audience was real.

Statix4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

The fact that this "Xbox One Highlights" Youtube video:

has over 2.5 million views, and 99% likes, should tell you that even the mainstream population and (semi)casual gamers have some inkling as to just how shitty the Xbox One reveal event was.

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dedicatedtogamers4076d ago

Mainstream media went crazy over Kinect, too. Mainstream media goes crazy over everything. You think the mainstream media is going to give a critical eye to the downsides of Xbox One? No. Of course not. Their only concern is "Microsoft is releasing a new console" and that's it.

swishersweets200314076d ago

mainstream media lost touch with reality years ago.

wishingW3L4076d ago

mainstream media loves the Xbox.

NateCole4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

It's exactly the mainstream that MS is targeting. Not surprised.

It does make me wonder if MS will back down or not. Seems unlikely now if they think the reaction has been positive.