Amazon Worldwide sales charts – week ending March 20

VG247: Once again videogaming247 brings you the worldwide Amazon sales by format.

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XxZxX3865d ago

that was the most boring crap ever.

v1c1ous3865d ago

how in the blue hell did this get approved?

Breakfast3865d ago

hahaha... shame on you Mike Bowden for trying to get hits on your site with sales charts

Genesis53865d ago

This would be a really good bed time story. Yawn!!

cooke153865d ago

So VG charts is more accurate than one of th ebiggest retailers in the world? Seriously Amazon sales are probably closer to reality than those estimates vg charts call facts.

Mike Bowden3865d ago

Yep. Charts and sales data is news ¨, I'm afraid.

If you can't see the significance that one of the largest retailers in the world has on the industry and what types of games it produces then you need to look again.

Mcrmarcher3865d ago

well what a fascinating read that was i can barely retain my excitement......

Mike Bowden3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Amazon Worldwide Sales Charts...

What else did you expect it to show? A Picture of a dancing horse? It's not as though the headline makes out it's anything other than it is.