Blue Dragon helps boost 360 in Japan

Let no one doubt the power a popular anime artist and a popular RPG developer can have on a system's success in Japan. 1up is reporting that pre-orders for the 10,000 limited edition Blue Dragon Xbox 360 bundles are selling briskly, with some retailers running out of stock within minutes. This is the same console that barely sold 2,000 units in the country last week, making the healthy interest all the more surprising.

Is this sales surge a temporary blip due to a collectible bundle, or will Microsoft be able to parlay the interest into a sustainable market share in the country? Either way, we'd advise Microsoft that a boob-filled bundle for Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 couldn't hurt in the land of the giant huggable Kasumi pillow.

PS360PCROCKS6337d ago

good, but stupid that it's only 10,000, geez make it like 100,000 and sell some damn consoles over their so I can stop hearing about how hard Japan is to crack

Anerythristic266337d ago

The article I read on Next Generation has the sales figures at around 100,000 for the month. Not only did they sell out of the Blue Dragon bundle but most of the otherr 90'000 allocated systems. This is good they need sales before the Wii launches and Japan actually has some PS3's next year.

Schmitty076337d ago

I guess these RPGs really are having an impact over there.

Capt CHAOS6337d ago

Not to release the 360 with a decent Jap RPG. They've sold more consoles in the week then all year and thanks to a single game.

Still, a good move. Now, it'd be great to see some of the Jap publishers taking note and would love to see some of them over here..

I want dark atmospheric RPGs.. Anything based on Akira??

PS360PCROCKS6337d ago

hey lets say japanese for now on k? thanks, I'm american, but callin someone a "jap" doesn't seem very nice nor politically correct.


I Used To Hate This Xbox 360 Exclusive JRPG, But Boy Was I Wrong

I had it all wrong...Blue Dragon is awesome!

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M0chit0171d ago

One of the best of that era. Great game, great adventure!

Kurisu171d ago

I bought this game a couple of days ago, along with Lost Odyssey, while they're on sale in the Xbox Store. I never had a 360 back in the day so I missed out on these games, so I'm glad that I'll finally be able to try them out soon on my Series S.

raWfodog171d ago

Yep, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Gears of War were my favorite 360 games back when they first released.

Seraphim171d ago

no doubt. To this day it baffles me when this game gets hate. Sure it wasn't as epic as Lost Odyssey, but in it's own right it was a great game.

MrNinosan171d ago

Lost Odyssey is one of the best jrpgs of that era but got killed because it was bought up and released on the "wrong" console.

repsahj170d ago

Is there a chance that Lost Odyssey will be released on PS5? I really want to play it and Blue Dragon, too.

autobotdan170d ago

Both games are owned by Microsoft

andy85171d ago

Great game. The 360 had some really good turn based games back in the day. Absolutely loved Lost Odyssey too. I think they are both Sakaguchi creations.

ZwVw171d ago

Correction. Both Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey (as well as Infinite Undiscovery) started off as in-house developed projects that went third party after MS killed off their Japanese development studios.

andy85171d ago

Doesn't really have anything to do with what I said though 😂 Sakaguchi wrote them both

Hofstaderman171d ago

This game together with Lost Odyssey, The Last Remenant and Tales of Vesperia convinced me to buy a 360. This game made my 2007 which ended off with mass effect.

CrimsonWing69171d ago

Honestly, a fantastic game, especially if you were a fan of old-school JRPGs. I hate that this genre rarely can come back to these roots.

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Did you play Blue Dragon? Whatever the case might be, it deserves to be remembered

Destructoid: I remember where I was when Blue Dragon was announced. Although I already had an Xbox 360 and was ready for it, some folks I knew bought one just for it given who was involved (Nobuo Uematsu, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Akira Toriyama): as Mistwalker and Microsoft Game Studios made a mad dash to put out more games from Japanese studios on the Xbox ecosystem.

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shinoff2183200d ago

Blue dragon was fantastic. Love that game. It was my biggest reason for getting a 360.

gold_drake200d ago

i wanted to play it, but ...
1. its on xbox
and 2. i missed it when it was on gamepass ha.

shinoff2183200d ago

Kind of a shame it's not on gamepass so more people could enjoy it.

gold_drake200d ago

yeh, i missed it by one darn day.

Tacoboto199d ago

It's only $20 on the Xbox Store.
Lost Odyssey is only $25

-Foxtrot200d ago

I thought it was pretty good but I personally I think Lost Odyssey is better

Also, I know a lot of JRPGs are cheesy but damn…this one was amped up to 11.