Xbox One – Has Microsoft Already Won the US Market?

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Honestly, I think Microsoft may have just wrapped up the biggest gaming audience in the world. A heady claim indeed, but given what I’ve just seen, not an unwarranted one. Despite the lack of clarity concerning online requirements and second hand game sales, to your average Joe American, Microsoft have just knocked it out of the park".

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adorie4079d ago

If they don't get rid of the DRM and deliver quality games, it's gonna win garbage of the year.

I don't think our great sheep nation is THAT bad to where this would dominate if the things Microsoft has in place are to go forward, but maybe I am giving people too much credit? I hope not.

Freeball4079d ago

You are giving people too much credit.

HammadTheBeast4079d ago

The only reason it might not is because everyone already has cable tv in the US, most are giving it up for Internet TV anyways.

NatureOfLogic4079d ago

I'll say this for those hoping for a last second E3 change.

Personally, I don't see them going back on their used games policies without a massive delay. Lets look at this realistically. If they make last minute changes to allow you play used games they would have to change so much. They would have get rid of mandatory installs which would greatly alter their current plans. I think they would probably even have to revise the entire console.

legionsoup4079d ago

I get every system, and most games. I've got over 500 current gen games, a Vita with over 30 physical games, the WiiU...all of it. The Xbox One, I'm honestly not interested in right now.

Computersaysno4079d ago

This twitter poll says otherwise. Actually the poll is kinda embarrassing. Its an overwhelming result.


MikeMyers4079d ago

I'm sure people on here thought Kinect was going to fail and Vita was going to do very well.

Nobody knows what the average consumer is going to buy. Every year we hear a storm of people saying don't buy Call of Duty, yet what's the number one franchise year after year on the Xbox and Playstation?

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maxgamehard4079d ago

My only reaction to that question is


Are they serious, how many people are going to support a machine that doesn't charges for used games and makes kinect mandatory.


ArchangelMike4079d ago

No chance. Americans aren't that gullible... are they?

Wait don't answer that question. :)

stuna14079d ago

Yes some of us are! Someone could polish ##it! And there would be someone who would want it because it's shiny!

On another note, people are about to see Microsofts money at work! In the course of just over 24 hours, we have went from Microsofts biggest blunder to, Microsoft wins next generation of gaming!?

Odd me thinks.

Retroman4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

article title should read : "SONY HAS WON US MARKET AFTER MS CONFERENCE"

I_am_Batman4079d ago

Right now it doesn't look like they'll win anything.

saint_seya4079d ago

there is a guy spamming xbox there.. LULz sad...

imdaboss14079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

only in america ms can pull this crap..whoever buy the xboxone can suck it .ms is anti gamer.. tv tv tv xbox go home and die

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Minato-Namikaze4079d ago

never ask a question you dont really want to know the answer to, lol.

Raf1k14079d ago

lol wise words from the fourth.

Brazz4079d ago

US... maybe,they are very "US Centric", and sure they have good arguments for USA market...
Majority of World market... no, just no... Buy something that is "Multi task divice" that will nly work at 80% because i'm not in USA is just ... Potatoes > http://blogs.mcall.com/.a/6...

sinjonezp4079d ago

Perfect question! The US market is that dumb!.. Honestly, I do not see this box winning anything because consumers are very aware of details, specs, etc. Microsoft faces a serious uphill battle because recent reports have shown (wish I had the link) that over 4 million people in the last few years have ditched there tv's completely; going with tablets and laptops for viewing solutions. Not to mention that cable companies have already provided DVR, hd box solutions - along with smart tvs, where does Microsoft fit? Additionally the clarity if the box is the jack of all wonders yet every interview with Microsoft reps seems to show me that they don't even know what the box is defined as. Along with the fees associated with second hand sells, always having to connect, having a weaker system compared to the PS4, and required Kinect functionality, this article is very bold indeed. I play Xbox360 all the time, but this...this product really needs to go back to the drawing board.

Aceman184078d ago

as an american i can tell you yes with great regret. we put bush in office twice (even though in didnt vote for him)

so i can easily see my fellow americans making this successful :( even though this is anti-consumer in my eyes.

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SexyGamerDude4079d ago

Doesn't have my vote. Too many restrictions on the gamer.

SpiralTear4079d ago

Does "your average Joe American" have a good, unhindered internet connection at all times?