Xbox 360 Could Have Saved HD-DVD

Jimmy Xue from writes :

"Almost one million HD-DVD players were sold just before Toshiba pulled the plug on HD-DVD after losing support from the few movie studios and major retailers that had stayed with the HD-DVD camp when many others fled to Blu-ray.

What could have saved HD-DVD? many might have wondered, well I think that Built in HD-DVD player as a standard for the Xbox 360 could have done the trick."

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decapitator4497d ago

I agree with the author 100 percent. Microsoft were not in this to win IMO, they just wanted to give Sony a hard and delay BD victory. If they were really interested in winning a format war, they would have delayed their console and put HD DVD in it to really compete with the PS3.

mighty_douche4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

If they had included the HD drive, they probably would of released around the same time as the PS3 and at a much closer price point too. They would of gone down in flames, MS main objective was to bring their console to market first and hope to get as large an install base as possible, this shows in the reliablity of the early machines, rush job.

decapitator4497d ago

Well they have not exactly 'succeeded' either way. I think they just never really had any plans for either HD DVD or BD. They were very serious about the whole digital downloading thing and give it some serious thought to it.

ruibing4497d ago

I doubt the 360 would have been delayed, MS is really good at releasing products early before they should and then patch it up later. Vista with out SP1 can't even copy/move very large amount of files without stalling. WinXP didn't really become a good OS until SP2.

TriggerHappy4497d ago

Well if they hadn't delayed it, I hate to see how long the 360 would have lasted because even without teh HD DVD, the first generation of Xbox 360's were not reliable at all and the problem isn't complete fixed up till now.

BrianC62344497d ago

It doesn't take an Einstein to figure this one out though. I've been saying this for a year. Microsoft should have waited six months to release the 360. They could have included an HD DVD drive in every 360 and then it would have been a real battle. But all they cared about was being out first. Six months would have meant a six month head start still. What exactly came out for the 360 in the first year worth playing? Not much from what I remember.

lsujester4497d ago

Six months probably wouldn't have been long enough to give them much of a lead. The reason being that they still wouldn't have had anything resembling an real supply until later in the year. The first HD's were in the market that spring, and even then, not many could be made. With more diodes going to Blu-ray later that year, MS would have been stuck with shortages that entire six months.

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iAmPS34497d ago

It couldn't save itself from being take over by the PS3, Wii AND PS2.

What a shame of a console.

Phil Harrison Mk44496d ago

Was xBox360 a console then??? ;-D
Thought it was a Lamp i.e a RED one!!!
(Love saying that!!!) ;-D

mikeslemonade4496d ago

A built in HD-DVD would have killed the 360 too because it too would have been $600 at launch.

HD DVD4497d ago

I used to be a child star!

mighty_douche4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

Yep, you and Britney :( Just that Britney out lived ya.

heroman7114496d ago

mighty douche

lol nice one

Kaz Hirai4497d ago

That's 2 DISGUSTING failures- the Xbox 360 and HD-DVD!
I have truly enjoyed DEMOLISHING both of them!


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Spinner4497d ago

Sure it could, if M$ could see further down the road like Sony, but they can't and that's why the 360 has a DVD9 drive, gg.