Xbox One And PS4 Price Leaked? Nah, Just Chill isn't too concerned about the avalanche of misinformation about the recent Xbox One reveal. Let them sort it out! However, one of those would've been easily omitted by simply reading the accompanied text. That goes for the PS4 as well. Just relax, they have their top men on it. Top. Men.

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darthv723593d ago

I think that will be the hot topic. MS has their show first and the potential to reveal their price first unless they straight up hold off.

If they hold off, sony could make or break by announcing their price but if sony holds off then we have a stale mate. One of them is going to announce and then its up to the other to match or counter.

Personally.....$500 is my ceiling for a console. And this is from a guy who bought a 3DO, Neo Geo AES and a Pioneer laseractive back in the day. Those were a few of the most expensive systems for their time.

Daavpuke3593d ago

Since they both are targeting holiday sales, I think a long, inclusive event like an E3 press event will be the most opportune time for them to release the price. It'd be madness not to do so, unless they're expecting the console to be too expensive to market beforehand, which is a bad thing within itself.

I'm positive that Microsoft is going to take feedback from their backlash now to clean up their event at E3. It'd be almost impossible not to. Though, at the same time, I do expect them to still evade certain choke points like always-on and such.

Zero233593d ago

I'm saying $500 for each.