Soul Calibur IV PSU Hands-On

PSU writes: "Traversing the floor of the Live event, we spot an attractive young woman in cosplay near a number of well-populated TVs. But she's not cosplaying, she's a booth babe dressed up as Cassandra from the Soul Calibur series. The difference? Cosplayers don't get paid, and usually respond when you address them by their characters name...

After dragging our minds away from the hotness, we spotted an empty seat next to a fellow congoer who has just sat down. The young man looked mildly excited, telling us that he's only played the Dreamcast Original. After the brief humilities, it was down to the business of kicking ass."

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kornbeaner3955d ago

Can't wait for this game, my favorite fighter, only Street fighter tops this in my book. 08 is gonna be a great year for fighters :)

On a side note. where the hell are the pictures of this hot as$ booth babe. PSU you fail!!

PSWe603955d ago

This is the one fighting game I've been waiting for. Loved SC II for GameCube.
True story: Went to Japan last Summer played SC III in Akihabara and pwnd 3 Japanese guys in a row. Good times.