Microsoft reveals 100GB 360 drive at X06 Korea

Apparently, Microsoft couldn't squeeze all the announcements they had into TGS and X06 in Barcelona, so they saved one for the X06 event going down in Korea. Trailing slides of 360 peripherals we've already seen -- like the Vision camera, wireless headset, wireless gaming receiver, and the 256MB Memory Unit -- was this shot of a 100GB hard drive, courtesy Korean gaming site Game Inside. While there is no mention of price for the unit, it is supposed to debut in March 2007. Though the images look legit, there doesn't appear to be any counterpart on Gamespot Korea's coverage of the presentation or the rest of the day's news.

Donkey Slayer6255d ago

Would be nice so I could store more demos but it comes down to price

PS360PCROCKS6255d ago

yeah that could be really expensive and now this is beginning to become rediculous if I have to buy that just to save all my stuff

PS360WII6255d ago

would be meaning if it's affordable

kmis876255d ago

Based on the $100 price tag of the 20gb model, I'd guess that this could cost $200. Of course, Microsoft could be nice and slash prices for the 20gb model and that would affect how much this one would cost. At least now gamers have a choice in hard drives, although it would be better if third party hard drives could be used as well.

Mikey_Gee6255d ago

.. it may take the same path as MP3 prices.

Think about it .. for a decent one or two gig player you pay approx $100 - $150 dollars.

Yet for a fully loaded 30gig video player, you only pay about $300 to $350 dollars.

Honestly, if 20 gig is $100, do you really think they would charge $500 for the 100gig HD .... NO WAY !!!