Nvidia Shield vs. PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS; Which Handheld Is Best?

At $349 the Nvidia Shield is a pricey option but has a lot in terms of sheer power because of the Tegra 4 processor and its powerful graphics. It boasts games like Skyrim, Dishnored and Left 4 Dead that can rival the console and PC.Is it the best handheld currently in the market?

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Moonman1973d ago

I absolutely love my 3DS. Can't stress it enough. :)

hellvaguy1973d ago

No dual analog controls, no ty.

Snookies121973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Is the Shield really being called a handheld? I dunno, it's just so dang big. It's a tablet with a controller attached.

Out of the 3DS and Vita though, I like my Vita better hardware-wise. I also just find myself using the Vita more than my 3DS. Although it's for a lot of different reasons. I mainly only game on my 3DS, whereas my time spent with Vita is split up between Youtube, internet, music, etc.

I do have to say, I love the music player on the 3DS. It's much better than the Vita's. The fact that you can add effects and mess with the audio as it plays is just a lot of fun.

Yodagamer1973d ago

Easy PSV and 3ds in the end of the day the shield plays mobile games that are often copies of games already on PSV and 3ds. The stream idea is good but is only limited to certain GPUs which a somewhat big weakness.

sashimi1973d ago

Can i play the shield...underground in the subway? on the bus without internet access? Can i play it anywhere i want? if not its not really a handheld now is it. More like a glorified WiiU tablet controller.

hellvaguy1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Yes you can play without internet access obviously. Shield has full access to the android game market. Such an odd misunderstood rumor.

You can stream games thru wifi to your tv or pc, its just an optional feature, not a requirement.

RAFFwaff1973d ago

3ds is amazing. my vita is a fancy paperweight. also, some british tabloids are claiming that the 3ds is the greatest gaming console ever, and while opinion is always subjective, no one in their right mind would say that about the vita. sony are gonna attempt to drag the vita along with the ps4, but nintendo are unstoppable in the handheld market and the only serious competition to the rise of tablets, smartphnes,etc.

DarkHeroZX1973d ago

Lol sales=\= quality. Vita is a wayyy better handheld than the 3ds. If the 3ds didn't cut that price the majority of 3ds users would be singing a different tone.

AdvanceWarsSgt1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

LOL I'd be singing a different tune because I'd have games to play on my 3DS?

3DLand and MK7 did more for the 3DS turnaround than the price cut anyway, so that theory is moot.

Plus, I'll be getting a Vita to compliment my 3DS because I like both handhelds equally. Too bad you're too much of a fanboy to do the same.

DarkHeroZX1972d ago

Once the 3ds dropped its price I got one. Didn't care about games if the price wasn't right. After Sony unveiled the vita and it's specs I knew the 3ds was a huge rip off and after waiting long enough it paid off.

RAFFwaff1972d ago

the vita is superior only specswise sony fanboy. its obvious sony is flogging a dead horse with the vita and attempting to shoehorn it into consumers thoughts when buying a ps4. quality software wise, the 3ds destroys the vita and that is a fact.

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The story is too old to be commented.