Remedy's Sam Lake Addresses Alan Wake Fans In Video Message

GI:In one of the classiest moves in recent memory, Remedy's creative director Sam Lake has taken to video to answer fan cries for a new Alan Wake title. The news isn't great, but the delivery strikes the perfect chord.

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Mr_Nuts3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Translation: MS didnt want to fund a games development which wasn't going to sell and gave us another chance to make a new IP

Typical MS eh, why dont Remedy go multiplatform. I want AW2 so badly

lastofgen3981d ago

How is a new IP bad??

And how is it typical of Microsoft to push them for a new ip? Is that a bad thing in your view?

Honestly...I don't understand the internet sometimes..

Mr_Nuts3981d ago

No no no, I didn't say it was a bad thing, just that with MS if it dosent sell well like Gears or Halo it's not worth supporting. They just give up on things and move on instead of having a little faith in the developers to improve the game.

vickers5003981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Just in case some of you haven't read the article(not speaking to either of you two personally, just trying to get my comment closest to the top as I can to let people know),

you can get the entire Alan Wake Franchise on PC (the collectors edition of Alan Wake and Alan Wakes Nightmare AND the soundtracks) for just 1 dollar.


Amazing deal, as I was just yesterday considering purchasing the game.

SDF Repellent3981d ago

You are Nuts Mr_Nutz,

Isn't the lack of new IPs is what people on N4G is constantly bashing MS for? Now, all of the sudden we see Remedy new IP, Black Tusk new IP, Ryse, all funded by MS and it is a bad thing? Com on son!

maniacmayhem3981d ago


You are nuts, MS gave them all the funding for one and told them to take their time with the game. They also allowed them to focus on a new IP instead of telling them they have to make a sequel.

You can't blame MS here for that.

IAMERROR3981d ago

It's n4g, Microsoft will always be put in a bad light.

NYC_Gamer3981d ago

Why blame MS for wanting new franchises for XB1?

Sky_Walker3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Well to be fair, Remedy does own the AW ip so if they really wanted to make an AW 2 they can always do a kick starter or get some other big publisher to publish it.

I think that Remedy just wanted to go a new direction and not Milk a franchise...wish this would be a standard in the gaming industry and one of the main reason I love David Cage and his games.

AW was great but the way it ended was perfect and making another one would feel dragged on.

Plus lets wait until E3 for some QB game play before we dismiss this game - for all we know it might still be in the AW universe :)

esemce3981d ago

Has their new IP been confirmed as MS exclusive ?

Sky_Walker3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

No it has not but being that it was showed at a MS event and Remedy are too small to publish its own games...I think its safe to say that MS is the publisher and will be a one year XB1 exclusive and later ported to the PC.

Plus MS and Remedy have a deal where Remedy keeps the ip name for the game MS is publishing.

If some other company like EA or Ubi was publishing the game you would have seen there name pop up somewhere.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3981d ago

hope there will be a pc port later.

Why have windows kerel?? MS doesn't care about exclusive games much anyway.

Mr_Nuts3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Dear everyone

Im prety sure you all have misrread what I've wrote and took it in a completely negative way. Did not mean to offend, I just was trying to say MS should of supported AW as a franchise instead of getting remedy to make a new IP

Love big nuts

PS. Some of the name calling was uncalled for

Again you are twisting my words I want new ips after they finish up and conclude Alan Wake which needs a sequel to finish off the story

lastofgen3981d ago

So, you don't want a new ip? You'd rather take a sequel? Gotcha.

Clover9043981d ago

I have no idea why so many people have disagreed with you, Mr_Nuts. Alan Wake was an amazing game, and I would love to have the story expand on the end cliff hanger from the first game.

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nick3093981d ago

Remedy stopped on the second game again.. I like new ips but i wanted to see another canon alan wake badly..

darkequitus3981d ago

So if ms push out sequels it is bad. If the push for a new iPhone it is bad. Lose, lose.

kneon3981d ago

Well if I didn't care for the previous versions I'm unlikely to care about sequels.

For me the only thing that would get me interested in the X1 is new IPs, but given all the other issues I doubt that will even do it.

darkequitus3981d ago

yeah. Can't argue with that.

guitarded773981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Cool insightful video. I wish every game developer would do this on a regular basis. It means so much more coming from their mouths.

Jek_Porkins3981d ago

That's a shame, but I think it's more important to get a new IP out at the launch of the Xbox One than to do a sequel. Also, it's nice to hear the original Alan Wake has gone on to sell over 3 million copies since launch.

That is a success in every sense of the word, hopefully they can go back to crafting Alan Wake 2 for the Xbox One down the road a bit. Remedy are master storytellers though, so I'll definitely be paying attention to Quantum Break.

Kalowest3981d ago

If Quantum Break does great, MS might greenlight AW2!!!