Latest Xbox Live Facts and Stats

Xbox Live, the first and only unified online games and entertainment network, has now reached 4 million connected members. This gives Xbox Live a 4 year and a 4 million member head start in the next generation, right as we prepare to launch the 6th version of the Xbox Live network this fall.

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Subclavian4975d ago

take it easy i say ... i am only waiting for a ps3 cause i am hoping it will keep guys like you busy from us ..

ironwolf4975d ago

working out of state contracts, and I come back to this? I thought the new rules had eliminated the bits of effluvial detritus like this Dante1 thing?

TheMART4975d ago

THey'll keep coming and the most stupid thing is they spank and spam anyone they dislike.

But well, the bubbles are really running out on him

shortyNZ4975d ago

well i only got one bubble! dunno why i dont think im that rude or anything! guess i obviously said somthing that to p1ss ps3 fans off...who knows, anyway xbox live is ace, i dont play online much, but for the downloads and updates alone its totally worth it, burnout revenge sucks online tho! cos i dont play it much ive got a low ranking and ppl keep kicking me out of games cos of it! i spent 30mins one nite trying to get a race started! and im not bad either, just the rank, kinda going off topic woop, yeah xbox live is the sh!t!

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zonetrooper54975d ago

Please could trolls like dante1 just go away and post on PS3 news as you love Sony so much. MS has done so much in the 6 years of them being in the console buissence. << can't spell it lol

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